How to turn off mouse acceleration in Windows?

mouse acceleration:If you want to have better accuracy when using tools and weapons for aiming in games, you should try disabling mouse acceleration on your PC.

What is mouse acceleration?

Mouse acceleration help you in targeting faster and work more efficiently by proportionally increasing the movement of your mouse pointer that is based on speed at which you move it across the screen.

Office work and casual web browsing are convenient for mouse acceleration, but it can affect your aim and movement accuracy in the game. Therefore, gamers usually turn off mouse acceleration on the computer to improve gaming performance.

How to turn off mouse acceleration?

  1. Open Start menu and Type Mouse in search bar.
  2. In the list of results displayed, click on Mouse settings.
  3. On right hand side, click on Additional Mouse options.
  4. Go to pointers settings
  5. In the Motion section, Uncheck Enhance pointer precision.
  6. Click on apply, then

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