Top Future Technologies That Will Dominate Applications In 2021

Artificial Intelligence Technologies

Information technologies brought in changes to the world a couple of decades back. Novel tools, programs, and apps keep on emerging every year, and some of them leave a full mark on our professional and private lives. The thing about technology is that it keeps evolving and changing. 

Take, for instance, the Internet. Today there are over 4.5 billion people that are using the World Wide Web across the globe. This means more than 50 per cent of the population in the world are users of the Internet. This is indeed a staggering figure that impacts the whole human civilization today. 

Why are modern technologies so popular and influential today? 

The answer to the above question lies in the fact that technology has progressed incredibly in the last few years. For instance, the doubling of the speed of computer processing every eighteen months (known as Moore’s Law) is just an example of the above trend that proves that technological changes are occurring at an exponential rate. 

It is not surprising that you see some technology trends transforming into mainstream assets for applications fast in the above circumstances. The following is an insight into some of these mainstream trends for applications and how they will dominate 2021- 

Artificial Intelligence  

Artificial Intelligence, popularly called AI, has been around for some time. You will find AI in simple devices and gadgets like calculators to highly advanced supercomputers. AO has contributed to every business globally; however, it shows no signs of stopping as AI will become even more influential this year. 

When it comes to the definition of AI, it refers to a system’s ability to stimulate human intelligence. AI is projected to expand into a staggering $118 billion industry by the year 2025; however, the market is large enough already to impact businesses of every kind. As per Gartner, there is a prediction that as many as 80 per cent of emerging technologies will have a foundation for AI this year. 

What can you expect from artificial intelligence in 2021 and the years ahead? There is no single answer to the above question; however, when it comes to applications and the list of industries that highly will benefit from AI, they are as follows-

  • Customer service management in real-time
  • Algorithmic trading in the stock exchange 
  • Data processing and analytics scalable in nature
  • AI assistance that will be personalized in nature 
  • Cars and trucks with semi-autonomous and autonomous tools 
  • Image recognition and object identification 
  • Advertising and marketing campaigns that are highly targeted in nature 

Machine Learning

 Along with AI, there is a unique application that it features. This is machine learning. It is an application of artificial intelligence that allows the system to learn automatically and improve its performance with experience without the need to program the procedure explicitly.

Experts from the credible name in database administration and management,, say that to put the above in simple terms, machine learning represents the ability of the system to draw up a meaningful conclusion from large datasets to get smarter without the need for human interference. Some examples derived from trusted reports globally reveal the following- 


  • A third of all the IT leaders in the world have plans to deploy machine learning for their business analytics. 
  • There is a quarter of IT leaders that plan to deploy machine learning for security. 
  • Almost 20 per cent of IT leaders in the world want to deploy machine learning for their sales and marketing goals. 

Now, the question is, how has machine learning become so influential today? Well, experts in application technologies state that ML derives its power from many practical applications. For example, if you take Netflix, this OTT platform saves about $1 billion every year due to its ML algorithm that recommends personalized movies and TV shows. 

You will also find the same principle that applies to organizations like paper writing service reviews that deploy machine learning for designing improved offers. However, the list of businesses and industries that exploit machine learning for their operations is almost countless today. 

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) seem like two futuristic concepts for many people worldwide. However, their truth is entirely the opposite. AR and VR are an integral part of our daily lives, and they are ready to become more extensive in 2021. 

AR embodies an improved version of reality created with technology to overlay information digitally on any image viewed with a device like your smartphone camera. On the other hand, VR creates an artificial environment experienced with sensory stimuli like sounds and sights provided by your computer where one’s actions determine partially what takes place in its environment. 

For instance, take Pokemon Go. This is a mobile game that has been empowered with AR. You will find another exciting example of AR from the famous manufacturer of furniture, IKEA. The company has created an application with AR to helps their customers select the best piece of furniture to suit the interiors of their homes. 

The extraordinary use of VR today comes from healthcare practitioners in the medical sector. For example, Cleveland Clinic is deploying VR scenarios for teaching cardiac surgery to medical students. They use this technology to teach their students how to maintain ideal performance during a crisis or under pressure. 

Therefore, from the above, it is evident that both AR and VR influence everything today, from gaming to healthcare, and they are expected to grow in 2021 and the years beyond. 

You will find that edge-cutting technologies are surfacing every year when it comes to applications in the modern era. To keep track of them, you need to be aware and alert about the latest trends. Furthermore, it would be best if you tried to embrace these new trends to survive in the industry and also keep pace with your peers in the competitive market today.

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