The importance of cyber range platforms

cyber range platforms

Technology is moving forward more and more. More and more companies are resigning from paper documents, contracts, and employee files in favour of digital records. Although this is a convenient solution, you should remember about the threat posed by hackers. This is why cybersecurity should be a priority for businesses these days.

Fortunately, as cybercrime increases, so does the number of ways to prevent it, like security training programs based on cyber range platforms. What is this? Why is it so important? Read on, and you’ll find the answers to these questions!

What is a cyber range platform?

Imagine some kind of training ground, but in cyberspace. A training ground is, by definition, a properly separated and prepared area for exercises or tests and experiments. A cyber range platform is, in fact, a cyber training ground, where future cybersecurity officers can… train their abilities.

More precisely – the cyber range platform is a specially prepared space in a virtual environment, intended for training, preparing to fight against cybercrime. Training is intended for both amateurs and people who struggle with cybercriminals daily and want to improve their skills.

What are the training on cyber range platforms like?

One of the platforms offering training at the cyber range platform is CDeX. It is a platform created by Vector Synergy – a company that has been dealing with the implementation of cybersecurity projects for many years.

The CDeX platform offers two types of training on its website:

  • The first is training for people who want to start individual learning in the field of cybersecurity. During the automatic training, the user receives access to the theory and the opportunity to take part in the simulation of hacker attacks. The undoubted advantage of this training is that attempts can be made many times, at your pace, each time analysing the effectiveness of the steps taken.
  • The second type of training on the cyber range platform is a team training (Red Team vs Blue Team) involving the competition of two teams. During the training, one of the teams plays the role of hackers, and the other team is tasked with stopping thieves from stealing confidential data. Such exercises help to improve teamwork and reaction speed.

Is the cyber range platform worth it?


Let’s start with the fact that the cyber range platform is the safest space for exercises. Nothing is left to chance here. Trainings, both individual and team, are carried out under the supervision of specialists.

The simulations created by experts have an extremely high level of difficulty. Thanks to this, the user has a chance to gain experience that will help him fight even the biggest threats in cyberspace in the future. The advantage of regular practice is also that users learn to recognize threats faster, which is an essential skill with the ingenuity of today’s hackers.

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