How to add Strikethrough in Discord Chat Text?

Strikethrough in Discord Chat

Strikethrough in Discord Chat:

The Discord app is the best medium for gaming people to communicate in text and voice mode. However, people need more just enough to be more relaxed or professional on the app. Discord strikethrough is a feature that you want to use to show some parts of your text chat more carefully.

In the past, when I liked playing different games, the Discord app was a tool that connected me to people all over the world. Many people use it for professional communication such as meetings and other things.

As I said earlier, people need changes in text formats to represent text with other forms such as strikethrough text, bold, underline and many other forms. You need to understand that the text you upload to the server works and can then be answered by another bot or any particular member as the app works in a server-based format, community. In this article, I will explain the easy way to make Strikethrough text in Discord.

The Strikethrough property is used when you can’t delete or don’t want to delete message from the chat, but you must show that the words are obsolete or outdated. If you are going to talk about some quotes or some habits about the game, you can strike by hinting to the reader that those things or tools are old in the game or you are reaching an advanced level.

What is the discount Markdown?

Apps like Discord use different types of text formatting because it requires more compatible text setting for chats. However, it depends on the usage of the app, the target audience, which includes gaming people, professional managers and more.

Discord follows the markdown text system in their chat box and offers a lot of diversity to people with different icons and format acceptance. Markdown is known for its simplicity and provides basic texting with some complex icons, formatting and other useful settings. It provides short codes that you can be delivered or applied a wide variety of formatting types.

This formatting was developed in the Perl programming language, which looks like an HTML code, but makes it simple and efficient for everyone without opening and closing tags.

Make Discord Strikethrough

Now, I come to the part where I talk about the main thing. In order to strikethrough the text, you need to follow some rules or methods that you can use here

  1. Use the direct markdown code

To strikethrough the text in Discord Chat, you need to follow some pre-determined code to create different types of formatting with the book.

Syntax: ~~put the text that you want to strikethrough~~

Here is an example to understand the format, suppose you want to create the word “discord” in the form of a strikethrough text, then enter the word into the chat box and add an “~~” symbol at the beginning and end of the word and your text will be automatically converted to strikeout format.

Type ~~discord~~ in the chat box and it will be changed to d̶i̶s̶c̶o̶r̶d̶. You can do this with any lines or paragraphs by adding these symbols. If you cannot follow this method, there’s another way for you you can use it.

  1. Use Strikethrough Text Generator

If you hold a meeting or write anything important, any extra mark or other, you will not get the desired result and this will be considered as an error in your work.

So, to go safely, you can use this step, which works like a gem.

Write your entire text in any text editor and search the internet for a strikethrough text generator that will translate your specific words into strikethrough text.

Add the full text directly in the box and send it to the person you want to reach. This method reduces the risk of errors; Professionally, people use another way to strike through the text in a discord chat. This is MS Word formatting, keep your document complete and format it the way you want it. Just click on the “abc button beside Underline option.Strikethrough in Discord Chat


In my opinion, I explained the way of strikeout text about disagreement for different type of user to add more beautiful content to the version. If you like this whole description, please share our content on social sites and also tell us your opinion in comments below.

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