12 spoiler-free Stardo Valley tips and tricks to get you started

Stardo Valley tips and tricks
Stardo Valley tips and tricks: One of the great things that makes Stardust Valley such a magical gaming experience is finding everything for yourself, but that means there are no spoiler-free tips and tricks to help you get started.

For strangers, Starwood Wally is an indie role-playing game where you inherit your grandfather’s farm (and all the adventures that come from it). This game serves as the spiritual successor to the Harvest Moon RPG Farming game franchise (and, even better, solves many of the frustrating aspects of Harvest Moon games in the process). Playing Stardust Dust Valley Blind is a really enjoyable experience, but there are some new player pitfalls that can get you lost or get a little help on a tip list like this one.

The following tips and tricks were carefully selected to achieve three things:

  • First, we love the game and help new players by covering some basics.
  • Second, because the game has an amazing story, we want to do it in a very spoiler-free way.
  • Finally, by answering some of the most important questions a new player may have about the game, we keep new players away from the comprehensive (and spoiler-filled) Stardew Valley Wiki. Speaking of experience, we assure you that it’s easy use wiki for the one who wants simple answers about the in-game concept, in the process of doing so, you can see spoilers, game mechanics, characters, undiscovered areas of the game and much more.

With this in mind we will not only try to keep our suggestions spoiler free, but go our own way in setting up the list, so the minimum exposure instructions are at the top of the article. You may stop reading when you feel you have lost the magic of self-discovery.

Don’t Rush: It’s Soothing Single Player, We Promise

Stardo Valley tips and tricks

Our first tip is less like a single tip and is like a meta-suggestion to play more games. If you are in the habit of playing games with multiplayer elements, you need to take more and deeper breaths and enter the right mindset to play Starwood Valley.

Starwood Valley is a balanced and one-player experience. Unlike launching up a popular FPS or MMORPG game to get the best loot drops, you have nothing to lose in Stardew Valley like you encounter when you have never played the game the connected or optimized way.

In the context of the game, Stardew Valley, you can be the hardest farmer you have ever seen or you can explore the game by doing enough to run your farm.

No matter how you play, you are the only person who can adjust the pace of the game, if it feels overwhelming or if you start repeating it, take a deep breath and relax. There is no setback in the game you cannot recover.

Friendship Magic: Show kindness to creatures big and small

Stardo Valley tips and tricks

To move forward in the game, show kindness to everyone you approach (everything) except the ones that want to eat you and punch them in the face. Friendship and kindness are the foundation of the Stardew Valley universe, and if you show kindness to a large or small creation, you will be rewarded.

Talk to your neighbours. Bring treats from your farm. Take notes on what they like (and what they don’t like). When you make friends with people, they are open to you and share their lives (often with tips and benefits in the process). Animals also respond to your kindness. The cow that you pet every day produces good milk; A Chicken produces large and high-quality eggs.

This is a small section of our tips guide (because we try hard to avoid spoilers) but it is very important. We hope the game will be more enjoyable if you try to make friends with the toughest and most attractive city dwellers.

Hoeing accurately: Start hit locations on immediately

Stardo Valley tips and tricks


One of the things new players always throw away is the game’s “hit location” mechanics. The game is 2D, and everything (planting crops, placing objects, etc.) takes place at the invisible coordinate level of the boxes. With your on-screen avatar, the device you use and how the grid interacts, the results of using your devices can sometimes seem a little surprising. As you move forward you can sometimes in swing your tool and hit an object on your side or back.

Some devices can reach 1-3 squares and can be used strategically to your advantage. You need to move a little and consume less energy, so it pays to really get good at targeting your tool. In addition, doing these operations will cost little energy. Hitting the right square means not wasting that energy.

To help improve your tool wherever you want, press the ESC key to open the game menu, and then select the tab with the small controller icon as shown below. Check the “Always show tool hit location” option.Stardo Valley tips and tricks

There is also a keyboard shortcut to temporarily turn on the hit location. Hold down the Shift key while using the device to display the hit box even when the option is turned off. This is a small tip to keep in mind when tool placement frustrates you.

Food Is Life: Eat! Eat some more now!

Stardo Valley tips and tricks


The second reason behind frustration in pickax strikes is that their behaviour can cause frustration for new players. Unlike many RPGs that can swing your tools and weapons tirelessly, Stardue Valley has an exhaust meter. Physically demanding activities, swinging equipment and weapons can make you tired. Thankfully, it doesn’t happen during walking or running.

At the beginning of the game, you are always tired. You can deal with fatigue in two ways: eating or sleeping.

Eating increases your energy level. Raw food gives you good energy; Cooked food will give you more. Early in the game, there is a delicate balance between selling your food for profit and eating for energy. If you find less energy in the morning and do not want to waste food, take the time to engage in activities that do not use energy. Arrange your chests. Plan your farm. Explore the map. Go to the city to chat and make friends with city dwellers.

Or eat your food and clear the whole jungle like crazy. ar be it from us to stand in the way of your lumberjack desires.

Lights Out in evening: Sleep Is Not Optional

Stardo Valley tips and tricks

Food gives you energy for daytime work, but in Stardo Valley there is something you cannot get out of. You should go to bed every night.

Every day you wake up at your farm house at 6:00 in the morning. If you do not go to bed by 2:00 already, you will get tired. Each hour in 18 in game hours equals 45 seconds of real-world time, so a jam-filled day in your new farm life equals 13.5 minutes of real-time. You will be amazed at how much to do in the game and how fast those days go by.

Since your energy bar get completely full for the next day, it is best to go to bed before midnight. If you sleep from midnight to 2:00 in the morning, you will have less energy the next day. Also, if you do not fall asleep at 2:00 in the morning, you will pass out wherever you are and wake up the next day with less energy.

But not everything is like that. If you touch 2:00 AM and go outside your farmhouse, the consequences range from a small financial ding (equivalent to finding emergency responders and taking you home for a fee) to more dangerous areas of the game (whereevr you are, not just money, but any random item in inventory is lost).

You will be fine as long as you are at the front door of your farm house before 2:00 AM, but you will not get the full benefits of sleep.

Extra Sleep Tip: The game only saves you when you go to sleep (be it a planned one or not). The downside of this is that if you leave the game before you go to sleep you will lose all the progress of your day. If you really do something upside down (like digging in the ground instead of watering all your best crops), you’re one rage quit away from absolution. Just quit the game before you go to sleep.

Time Marches On: Seasons Exist In Quarter Time So Plan Accordingly

Stardo Valley tips and tricks

These are not the only days in Stardew Valley. One thing that new players should always be wary of is that the seasons in the game (reflecting our spring, summer, fall and winter) may not be as 90 days as you might expect. Game-seasons are only 28 days in the game. When you first start playing, 28 days may seem like eternity when your bearings arrive, but trust us, in short you look like “% * #! It’s already summer! ”

Seasons matter in Stardew Valley as there are unique crops that you can grow each season, unique wild plants up to fodder and unique fish to catch. If you miss harvesting a particular crop or catching a particular fish in a given season, you will have to wait until the next game year to get it (in most cases). It’s not the end of the world, but if you need it for any project or exploration, and you really want to work on it, waiting a year is tough. Remember, if you play your days to the fullest, there will be approximately 19 hours of play per season.

With that in mind, we recommend planning carefully. Stardew Valley rewards good and thoughtful planning. Do not plant crops at the end of the season when you do not have time to harvest. Instead, try to be ready (save some money) so you can buy crops and plant them on the first day of the season.

Also, make sure that all your crops are harvested before the end of the season (because unharvested crops will fade the moment the seasons change).

Upgrading Your Tools: Advanced Is Better, But Time Your Upgrades Well

Stardo Valley tips and tricks

You can do a lot of exploration in Stardew Valley, but you are the farmer, the farmer has the tools. Good equipment means an easy time to work on your farm. In the beginning, you should face the role of being able to upgrade your devices and you should take full advantage of it. Practice updates can make your tools run faster (less hits than to fall a tree), more efficient (more water in your can, more water reaches the crop) and hit specific objects lower level tools cannot.

You need to save resources to upgrade and find the time when you upgrade. The upgrade process takes two game-days, and you will not have that device for those two days. If you do not water your crops in the summer, your crops will be two days without water and thirsty crops will not grow.

With this in mind the time you upgrade to a window in the calendar that will reduce or completely eliminate the effect of losing the tool there. If you upgrade your watering can on the last day of fall, you will not be charged a penalty, because 1) you do not need to water the crops on the last day of harvest, 2) there will be no winter watering crops, so you will not need watering on the first day of the new season.

Do not ignore the tube: TV is educational

Stardo Valley tips and tricks

Despite the game’s back-to-nature vibe and strong push for low tech existence in your new Valley home, the television in your farmhouse can be really useful. From the first day of the week, you can tune in to the weather report, horoscope or cooking channel or the outdoorsman’s channel.

These channels let you know the weather forecast for the next day in (it is better to explore rainy days as you do not need to water the crops), reveal your horoscope (the game has a “luck” variable, your horoscope plays a role in finding rare objects. Foods are very powerful in the game, you want to learn all the recipes you can), or get to know tips about the game (he outdoorsman’s channel is packed with advice about game mechanics, the town, farming, and so on).

At the very least, you should check the TV every day for the recipe that will air, because you have so many recipes in the game and you can only learn by doing so.

Rain, Rain, Come Again: Storms Are Your New Best Friend

Stardo Valley tips and tricks

When it comes to weather forecasts and rainfall, rain is your best friend. No, really, you like nothing more than checking the TV at the beginning of the game and finding out that there are storms.

You have to cultivate to get resources and money in the early game, but cultivating with water early on is really time consuming and tiring. If you plant more, you can quickly realize how much farmland you have. Rainy days bring sweetness and comfort from your farm responsibilities. Did you find an interesting cave you wanted to explore? Want to get to know the villagers better? Need to cut down some wood to grow your supplies? Rainy day is the best time to do anything but farm, so when you hear thunder, pack your knapsack and be ready to explore – that day is yours.

Use the box: The mayor is a saint

Stardo Valley tips and tricks

When you first come to Stardew Valley, the very friendly hard-working mayor refuses to introduce himself. Among other things, he tells you that you can sell anything in the wood bin outside your farm house and he will take it to different markets for you.

Most new players skip the box because they need to be caught, right? The mayor will definitely work on this trip and if you bring your crops to market or your fish to the wharf, will he take the harvest?

Put your doubts aside, dear reader! Stardew Valley is wholesome and the mayor is your patron. Despite the improbable economy, the hardy little one takes all the loot you put in the drop box and sells iotself every night. When you wake up in the morning, you get a breakdown of sales sales with 100% receipts.

The mayor will not collect the goods and sell them until midnight and you will not receive the money until the next morning. If you already have large crops to find money for important purchases, skip the box and take them to the appropriate store to sell.

On the Subject of Building: Silos First, Space is Fixed, and Everything Is MobileStardo Valley tips and tricks

The carpenter in the city can build more farm buildings for you. Initially, most of these buildings (and their subsequent upgrades) were very expensive, but there was one building you could afford at a reasonable price the Silo. If you do not have a silo, the grass cut on your farm will be wasted to pave the way for other projects. If you have a silo, the wild grass you cut will turn into hay.

Even if you don’t have cattle right now, you can get involved in some animal husbandry, and all your lovely little barnyard friends will be ravenous. Initially one or two will see to it that you do not throw away the wild grass you cut, but store it at a later date.

In the case of buildings, many new players try to plan their farms and get tired and worry that they are putting the buildings in the wrong place (or that there is no place to renovate those buildings later). Good news! First, you can move any building to a later date (without penalty). Visit the carpenter and pick a new place. Second, don’t worry about changing the footprints of the various buildings that are upgradeable. Compassionately (and with improbable TARDIS like quality) upgraded buildings have the same footprint no matter how large the interior. This means that a modest starter barn will take up as much space as a fully upgraded barn on your farm. Feel free to plan and install sidewalks, fences and trees, as you will not need to remove any of them when renovating neighbouring buildings.

Fishing is frustrating: Deal with it

Stardo Valley tips and tricks

Fishing is highly polarized in the Stardew Valley Player community. It’s like a mini game, some people take it very naturally, others pull the hair out.

If you are one of those people who find fishing really frustrating, we want to give you some encouragement and tips. First, consider the fishing mini-game as a dance and less like a click-spamming endurance challenge. When you hook a fish, the fish comes on the “meter”. The goal is to place the fish inside the “catch bar” (the index bar increases on one side from red, yellow to green, before you finally catch it). Anytime the fish spends outside the “catch bar” the indicator decreases until the fish escapes. If you click like insane, you are sending the bar ailing right past the fish and most likely lose it. Instead, slowly click on the fish and watch the behaviour.

Even if you have a natural idea, the first fishing you do is brutal. The “catch bar” is small, the fish are fast and you lose a lot more than you catch. But! It has a silver lining. The more fish you catch, the better (in terms of playing skills and in game points) and eventually, the bigger the catch bar becomes.

We will close by sticking to our initial advice. Spend your time, do not stress about getting everything done quickly, stop and enjoy the scenery and adventures and the people you meet in your new home.

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