Saving and Archiving Your Favorite Twitch Clips

You are likely aware that you can make Twitch streams and broadcast them to the world. These broadcasts will be stored in your profile (so far the settings are turned on) and can be rewatched later by you or others. Sometimes, it isn’t the whole broadcast that you want to have or watch, rather it’s a part of it – a clip.

Saving and Archiving Your Favorite Twitch Clips

Clips are short, yet memorable, parts of full videos. Think of it like taking up the sweetest move you made on your stream, or a short clip of the final combo you used in a boss level. They are capped at 60 seconds and are very fun. Unlike full videos that do not have the functionality to save on Twitch, clips are downloadable.

In this article, we will look at how to create and save clips, as well as how to archive them so they are available on your Twitch account.

Creating and Saving Twitch Clips

You can create a clip from your streams or those of other Twitch users. This is pretty easy as a “Clip” button is usually present below the video player when rewatching your broadcast or watching that of others. Once you click the button, you can limit the starting and ending point of the part you want to take out as a clip and then you can name it and click the “Create clip” button to finalize it.

Unlike clips that belong to your channel, if you want to take clips from other Twitch users, the creator tool might not be of full help. Another way to get clips is to make use of external web-based tools made precisely to save Twitch clips. These tools are generally referred to as Twitch clip savers. Some of them include,  Clipsey Twitch clip downloader.

Archiving Twitch Clips

It’s much easier and straightforward to archive Twitch clips than to save them. In essence, what you really do is archive broadcasts. From the archived broadcasts, you can take out the clips you want. To archive all your broadcasts, you need to ensure the “store past broadcast” toggle is switched on in your stream settings on Twitch.

One important thing to know is that your archived broadcasts won’t be stored in your profile forever. You get to keep a broadcast archived for up to 14 days as a regular Twitch streamer. However, if you are an affiliate making use of Twitch Prime, you get to hold on to your archived content for up to 60 days.

You can’t archive another Twitch user’s broadcast, but you can always create clips from them and save them using external online tools like the ones already mentioned.

The Essence of Twitch Clips

You can keep all the fun memories you create on Twitch by having it streamed or recorded. Within those memories, there are bound to be standout parts. You can create clips of those parts and save the Twitch clips for future use. These clips can be your bragging rights, portfolio, or just something that you have around.

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