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Why Free VPN?

Why Free VPN?

Among the most widely used security software or applications in today’s world, the best free VPN shields users’ data from hackers, increases the anonymity of their browsing, and even enables them to stream content from other countries without spending any money.

Why do Users need Free VPNs?

1. To Access Limitless Content

Instead of the annoying message that says “Sorry, the content is unavailable in this country”, a free VPN allows users to enjoy Internet freedom. Content limits will no longer spoil users’ day now.

2. To Enhance Streaming and Gaming

It is always irritating to see that the ISP (Internet Service Provider) is limiting the bandwidth while users stream or play games. Another issue that gamers face is DDoS attacks. But if users are using a VPN, they can completely ignore it. Enjoy a safe and seamless connection by connecting to Planet VPN which also offers free VPN for Chrome.

3. To Stay Protected on Public Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi in public places can save lives. However, hackers can easily target it. Users never know who might be using the same network to spy on them. When using public hotspots, secure the connection and hide the data from prying eyes.

4. To Prevent Intrusive Tracking

Browse the web without creating any digital traces. Make sure that no third-party trackers, including ISPs and marketing agencies, are monitoring online activities. But how? To modify users’ IP addresses and encrypt their traffic, a VPN is beneficial. Wherever users are, they can cover tracks online by connecting to the Planet VPN.

How VPN Guards Online Privacy?

How VPN Guards Online Privacy?

Using users’ ISP to access the internet is a popular method. Users get redirected to a necessary website after they establish a connection to their home network. During an online visit, all traffic is routed through ISP servers. It indicates that users’ provider has easy access to this data since it is publicly available.

An “encrypted tunnel” is created by the VPN service’s server when users connect to it. Users’ data is sent through this tunnel by a VPN, which carefully encrypts it all using the most powerful encryption. It shields users’ information from prying eyes by hiding their true IP addresses and online activities.

How can Users Benefit with a VPN?

1. Safe Online Browsing

Safe Online Browsing

With Planet VPN, experience complete anonymity online. Keep the government, advertisers, and ISPs from tracking oneself. No one can view users’ downloads, browsing history, or other associated online activity with one single click.

2. Encryption of Data

Encryption of Data

It safeguards users’ sensitive data everywhere, at all times, with the strongest encryption. Using a public Wi-Fi network, users can even use it to check their bank account for online shopping while keeping their personal information private.

3. Fresh Anonymous IP

Fresh Anonymous IP

Users can access the global web privately and limitlessly with a new IP address. VPN blocks external tracking and hides users’ IP addresses and locations with multiple global server locations.

Why is Free VPN Important for Chrome?

Why is Free VPN Important for Chrome?

Chrome does not guarantee total online privacy for users’ data, despite having free in-built security properties like sandboxing, site isolation, and predictive phishing defenses. Using a free VPN service is the best way to keep users’ browsing activity nameless without paying any money.

A Chrome VPN extension (free) is the best encryption cipher to mask all online searches and activities. Furthermore, powerful VPNs like Planet VPN can assist users in getting around different geo-blocks so they can access prominent streaming services and associated content that is restricted.

Criteria to Test Free VPNs for Chrome

It takes careful research to choose the top free VPNs for Chrome. Having said that, the following criteria have served as the foundation for Planet VPN:

1. Data Caps: Obtaining a free VPN that provides less than 10GB of data per month is simply not worthwhile. After just some searches on Google, users’ monthly allotment will be depleted, and they’ll have to wait until the following month to use it again.

2. Security Characteristics: Secure connections are guaranteed by reputable free VPNs for Chrome; otherwise, there would be no purpose in utilizing the VPN initially. Owing to this, every VPN on this list has a leak-proof kill control option and employs unbreakable toughest encryption.

3. Speed: Users shouldn’t forego speed for security, even if Chrome’s free VPN won’t be as quick as a paid one. Therefore, this VPN is ranked with fast tunneling protocols using the speed test tool.

4. Privacy: A reliable free VPN will be transparent about its privacy policies. Only VPNs with transparent, independently audited no-logs policies—which guarantee not to log user data—and a solid reputation were listed.

Things to Consider while getting Free Chrome VPN Extension

It is highly advised to download the extension from a prominent service as the first step. Little-known services might be shady even with proxies, but the likelihood of that is lower with known quantities. Additionally, be wary of unofficial apps from reputable VPNs. If users closely examine the “Offered by” line that appears beneath the Chrome Web Store’s extension title, they can easily recognize these. Moreover, users can confirm its legitimacy by visiting the downloads page of the VPN provider of their choice’s website.

It is also advised to choose a service that doesn’t require a login if they are just looking to use something temporarily. Having said that, if users enjoy the additional features of Windscribe’s extension, don’t let the account condition stop from using it.

While speeds might be a factor, none of the VPNs listed here are too slow for purposes like video streaming and web browsing, so that should not be a problem.

The Bottom Line

It is far wiser to get a free VPN than to use one at all. By encoding data and providing users with extra features like an ad blocker or kill switch, it can enhance online security. Furthermore, hackers can watch over any device connected to a public Wi-Fi network and copy or steal users’ data. All internet activity is made more secure and invisible with Planet Free VPN. Users’ privacy is thus totally safeguarded.


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