Top 5 Problems with DevOps and How to Overcome Them


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DevOps or integration of development and operations is a crucial element for business growth. It helps in eliminating silos and improving efficiency. However, it has been one of the significant choices for all the users but is tough to implement. The process becomes faster and better, but it comes with several issues which need to be resolved. 

Here in this article, we have addressed some of the most common problems with their solution. The issues are reported by most of the users; based on that, we have created the list of top 5 issues. Please keep reading to know the problem and their solution for uninterrupted processing. 

Most Common Challenges Faced While Using DevOps 

Here are the five problems faced while using DevOps, along with their solutions. After looking at the issues, you can easily hire the best software developers

Problem 1: Development and Operations on the Same Page

Managing two different cultures and keeping them together is difficult. Same way, supporting development and operation together is callous as they both have different approaches and pathways. Ignoring one of them can also create an issue, so you need to consider both of them. 

Solution 1: Find Common Goals 

To work on both operation and development, you need to find common goals to work on the standard procedures. However, communication can play an essential role in it as both the teams need to work and communicate their part for effectiveness in the process. It will help the organization in achieving goals faster and in a better place. 

You can even merge some team members as some operation members can work with development teams and vice versa. This will help both the section in understanding the perspective of each other and work accordingly. 

Problem 2: Integrating DevOps Tools from Different Domains

Development, Testing, and Implementation are the three pillars of software or apps. It would help if you kept on implementing new stuff to the process for the overall development of the software. However, it becomes different when different teams participate in working. It becomes difficult to adapt to new technologies, and the pace and effectiveness get affected. 

Solution 2: One System for Both Process

The easier the process is, the better it gets for all the teams to work together. Automation can make the process very easy, and with that, you get increased productivity in less time. Repetitive tasks like analytical, research, and data entry will take less time. Apart from this, two teams working together will help in better understanding and communication. Both the teams will get knowledge of the field, which can be helpful in the future. 

Problem 3: Working on Outdated Systems 

Working on the three pillars continuously is very tough, which results in working with outdated systems. This issue is recognized when the performance decreases and the speed issue starts kicking in. This usually comes with older PCs and can even result in security lapses. 

Solution 3: Replace Infrastructure with Microservices and IaaS

For hardware, server, and data storage solutions, you can utilize outsource Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS). The utilization can help the company in being efficient and cost-effective. Microservice makes the application build easel and easy to scale too. It would be best to adapt to new technological advancements as you can’t use conventional methods in the 21st century. 

Problem 4: Dealing with Security and Complexity 

The increasing number of technologies is making it challenging to develop applications. There are many names like artificial intelligence, virtual reality, machine learning and augmented reality, etc. Apart from this, the significant concern remains the same as keeping the information private and protected. 

Solution 4: Better and Bigger Team

The competition in the market is increasing. To keep up with that, you need to have a better-experienced team of developers with better knowledge of advancing technologies. Now that the process of growing a team is easy, you can make your teams bigger. Other than this, you can invest in the security of the company. Numerous stories reported security breaches, and you can invest in creating a bulletproof solution over the competitors. 

Problem 5: DevOps Environment Consistency

Working with multiple versions of DevOps can result in slower production and increases issues and bugs. Following this can result in a disaster for the future and can affect the working of the organization. 

Solution 5: Creating a Transparent Environment

Instead of emphasizing an individual part of the work, each team should work as one unit and take full responsibility for the outcome. All groups should know the work other teams are doing and keep an eye on how the process is implemented—communicating while working is the key to the final and successful product. The unit can achieve success only when there is deviation and focus on the goal. 

Final Verdict

All the problems with DevOps can be solved but keeping that aside the adoption is also very challenging. You will have to face issues with the teams on both sides. However, the long-term benefits of these problems are better for the organization’s growth and can help the company intensely. 

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