Main Benefits of Outsourcing Angular Development for Web Apps 

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In 2020, Angular became the third most popular framework for building an effective front-end of a web app. This full-fledged and feature-rich tool meets all the modern web application development requirements and has everything to make its apps engaging.

In this article, we look into why to use Angular for front-end web development and how outsourcing Angular web app development can benefit your business.

Angular for Web and Front-End Development: Overview

Angular is an open-source front-end development framework developed by Google which is widely used for application development. With the help of Angular, web developers can create complex and robust enterprise apps, dynamic web apps, progressive web apps (PWAs), and other solutions.

Since its inception in 2010, Angular has undergone a wide range of upgrades and releases. The last major Angular ten release was made in 2020, followed by two more versions Angular 11 and Angular 12. The framework was seriously remastered and enriched by the features that helped Angular become a super-powerful and compatible framework.

Now, Angular successfully competes with the most popular JavaScript frameworks such as React.js and Vue.js. Top tech companies, including PayPal, Upwork, The Guardian, Forbes, Xbox, and others, choose Angular for building their web solutions. 

What makes Angular such an excellent tool for web development? Let’s have a look at the most prominent and valuable features that make Angular so attractive.

●     Modular structure 

Modular structure systemizes application code organizing it into separate modules. This structure breaks application code into small reusable chunks, making them faster to build, more accessible to test, and easier to share among web developers.

●     Lazy loading

With lazy loading, Angular allows browsers to load various parts of a web application in the background. Browsers initialize these parts only when needed, and this way, they enhance application performance, improve the load time, and save system resources.

●     Component-based architecture

Component-based architecture in Angular helps web developers to organize user interfaces into a hierarchical tree of independent logical components. This way, web developers can reuse web application components or easily change them, accelerating the app development and making its design consistent and intuitive. 

●     Angular CLI

Command Line Interface (CLI) in Angular is a convenient and simple tool for quick commands. Angular CLI improves code quality and facilitates web development. It automates various development processes such as initialization, creating a new project, configuration, running end-to-end tests, and even launching Angular updates as a new version is being released. 

●     Ivy Renderer

Ivy Renderer is an Angular engine that translates TypeScript and HTML codes into JavaScript for browsers. This way, browsers understand how to display a web application created with Angular. Ivy Renderer cuts off the unused chunks when processing the web app code, making the app smaller and quicker to load.

●     Angular Universal

With this service, Angular can render web applications on the server-side. This resulted in enhanced web application performance and improved Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Well-organized SEO in a web application improves its ranking, making it better visibility in Google and other search engines. 

●     Material Design components for Angular

Angular Material is a UI framework for Angular. It contains simple-to-navigate and reusable mobile and desktop UI components that allow building highly functional and modern designs. 

●     Extensive ecosystem

Angular has various tools, packages, and plugins that can be added as third-party integrations in the framework. They include IDEs, analytics tools, data libraries, cross-platform development tools, and many others. Using these external add-ons, Angular web developers can build feature-rich and advanced applications in a short time.

●     Strong community support and detailed documentation

The Angular framework is developed and supported by Google. It has detailed documentation describing how to use Angular tools and handle the most common issues. Besides that, Angular has a strong community of developers on professional sites such as Github, where they can resolve the emerging challenges with other specialists. 

What are the Benefits of Outsourcing Angular Development?

Although Angular is a versatile web development solution, it’s not for beginners. This framework has a steep learning curve, and only developers with much expertise can utilize it effectively. 

Hiring in-house teams of Angular experts can be a rather expensive decision for small and medium-sized businesses. That’s why many companies opt for outsourced Angular development services. Outsourcing Angular application development helps to reduce the prices and brings in some more benefits drastically.

When outsourcing their web application development, businesses obtain a significant number of advantages, including:

●     much lower costs – outsourcing to Asian countries or Eastern Europe is much cheaper than hiring local US or EU developers. Moreover, businesses don’t need to spend money on buying office equipment or hiring process;

●     unique expertise – IT outsourcing companies have experts with accumulated experience in such cutting edge technologies as IoT, Blockchain, AI and ML, others;

●     fast time to market – outsourcing companies usually implement the latest methodologies and provide early development of an MVP to speed up the 

development of the end-product;

●     scalable teams and flexibility – when working with an outsourcing company, businesses can easily add or remove team members depending on the necessities of a development project. 

Where to Outsource Angular Development? 

A huge variety of IT outsourcing companies around the world are ready to offer Angular development services. When considering their web application development partners, companies must carefully explore the market and choose the IT company that would best suit their Angular web development project. 

According to the Global Software Marketplace Insights: Eastern Europe report, Eastern European countries have the most technical specialization in JavaScript and front-end development, reaching 21% among all the technologies. As Angular is a front-end web development framework based on JavaScript, businesses can find the best experts in Angular in Eastern European countries. Let’s have a look at the most popular IT outsourcing destinations in Eastern Europe.


Poland represents a technical hub in Europe with over 400 software agencies and 140,000 skilled developers. The Polish government creates a favourable economic climate for IT outsourcing development. In 2019, A.T. Kearney’s 2019 Global Services Location Index recognized Poland as the 24th most attractive IT outsourcing location. 

Poland is valued as one of the most popular IT outsourcing countries for:

●     location – Poland is easy to travel to as it’s situated in the centre of Europe within 1-3 hours of travelling around the EU;

●     excellent education system – one of the most popular fields of study in Poland is IT, with over 71,000 students. Besides that, the country took 11th place among the world’s best speaker of English according to the EF English Proficiency Index in 2019;

●     culture – Poland is a part of the EU and shares the cultural values of Europeans. This way, Polish IT specialists are easy to work with and communicate;

●     fast-developing economy – Poland is experiencing rapid GDP growth. It increased seven times between 1990 and 2015 and is expected to grow 3,3% in 2021 despite the Covid-19 pandemic challenges;

●     highly-skilled specialists – Polish IT software developers are highly ranked in the most popular coding competitions and world IT ratings, including HackerRank, Top Coder, SkillValue, and others. 


It is one of the most promising offshore development destinations, according to Forbes. The country has a favourable policy and lower tax rates for IT companies. As a result, more than 1,000 IT agencies and over 54,00 software engineers in the county. 

Belarus can be considered as an attractive IT outsourcing destination for several reasons, which include:

●     mentality – Belarussians share European culture and views on doing business; it’s easy to establish a trusting partnership. Software engineers are responsible and skilled professionals who work hard aimed at the best results; 

●     attractive prices – hourly rates of Belarussian software developers are much lower than in the USA or EU;

●     location – Belarus is in the centre of Europe, meaning that it takes about 2-4 hours for EU citizens to travel to their IT outsourcing partners;

●     high qualification – Belarus has two major universities with vital STEM education and world-known organizations like IBM, EPAM, and others that offer their own IT education programs. This allows Belarussian IT companies to provide efficient services to their clients from all over the world.


Ukraine is known for its developers all over the world. Ukraine has more than 1,000 IT agencies and a vast talent pool with over 130,000 software developers. The Ukrainian IT market is mainly aimed at outsourcing with international partners from the USA and the EU. Ukraine has:

●     well-developed infrastructure and community – there is a wide range of educational institutions with over 20,000 tech students graduating each year and specialized communities that hold regular meetings and conferences. Ukraine has held such top IT European events as The Games Gathering Conference, The Agile Eastern Europe Conference, DEV_Challenge, IForum, and many others;

●     favourable geographical position – the EU citizens haven’t required any visas to enter Ukraine, and it’s located within 2-5 hours of travel from any European country;

●     skilled IT professionals – Ukrainian software developers are recognized as the most knowledgeable and professional coders, e.g. HackerRank ranked Ukrainian developers as the 10th best worldwide with 88.7%.


Angular is one of the most popular front-end development frameworks for building web applications. Many web developers prefer Angular as it’s a robust and powerful solution with compelling development features that significantly accelerate and facilitate application development. However, not every web developer can use Angular as it’s pretty complex and requires much expertise. As a result, Angular developers can be pretty expensive unless businesses decide to outsource Angular development. 

The most viable outsourcing destinations can be found in Eastern Europe, as JavaScript and front-end development are the most popular technologies. Before opting for a particular IT outsourcing company, businesses need to carefully consider their choice and ensure that their future development partner can provide all the necessary services for their app to be effective and engaging for the end-users.

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