All About Oracle EBS Testing: Overview And It’s Benefits

Oracle EBS Testing

As a component of Oracle Enterprise Manager(OEM), Oracle EBS (E-Business Suite) is an integrated solution that integrates SCM with Oracle CRM and ERP. As part of their well-organized EBS Application release life cycle, Oracle EBS Testing services are required to do quality tests on the EBS application and any updates. It is necessary to use Oracle EBS testing services in order to ensure application performance, quality, and dependability.


These services assist you to determine important business flows for evaluating application functioning and develop functional and load testing scripts for Oracle EBS. Any certification company’s testing team does Oracle EBS business flow process testing to discover any problems that may arise after a patch, upgrade, or deployment.

We provide test findings that help users and analysts determine whether the system is performing as intended and whether any junk-zones exist. Streamline your Oracle EBS and ERP testing, verification, and management to reduce risk. Our rigorous testing procedure provides you peace of mind knowing that your Oracle application will perform flawlessly, with no errors or disruptions to your business.

The most efficient method to validate that your core enterprise applications successfully support all of your quest business operations is to use Original Software when installing, updating, or patching, or when rolling out new Oracle database installations.

Benefits of Oracle EBS Testing

  • Covering Each and Every End- As opposed to only looking at the application’s features, our automated application testing framework tests the entire business process from beginning to end, including all modules. Our risk-prioritization algorithms assist identify procedures that require more attention, which makes it even more effective. You could even orchestrate the evaluation of a procedure that runs on a variety of browsers and mobile devices, using various data sets to cover a number of situations.
  • Testing Load to Produce Ultimate Scalability- In today’s dynamic world, high availability is equally as critical as functional resilience. Because of this, the Qsome Technology Platform provides cutting-edge load testing that makes use of current functional test scripts and datasets to run load tests with tens of thousands of virtual users. This strategy makes the most of our clients’ existing investment in functional automated testing while also generating new advantages.
  • Software Testing Cost Shall Be Cut-Down- Regression testing for Oracle EBS automated as part of your quality improvement program is a strong business case. Finding issues before a patch or update is published to end customers saves a lot in support and rework costs. The cost savings from utilising overpriced manual analysts or, even worse, corporate employees to do (ultimately useless) manual tests makes test automation a “must-have”.
  • Training and Coding is not required- We’ve designed our test framework to be simple enough that even a non-technical business person can run a volume of automation testing with no prior training and only a few mouse clicks. Customers may concentrate on expanding their core business while our quality management teams take care of the tools and cognitive resources.
  • Additional benefits- Save money by automating not just your EBS testing but also the integrations among EBS and your digital apps. Don’t just test individual modules; test the entire user journey from beginning to end. Boost productivity by releasing functional specialists to better align themselves with the company. Reduce financial and reputational damage by avoiding frequent EBS delivery blunders. Keeping up with new EBS patches and releases doesn’t have to cost as much compliance. Use one testing ecosystem to align EBS with digital and eliminate the requirement for numerous licencing.


The above article talks about the oracle EBS Testing software and its benefits in the corporate and business environment.

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