Online Proctoring Software: How to make your Online Assessments Cheat-Proof using Remote Proctoring?

online proctoring software
online proctoring software1

Digital learning is the all-new trend that has immensely transformed the existing education system, making it technologically forward. Schools, colleges and coaching institutions are now constantly looking forward to conducting online based entrance and semester exams ditching the process of conventional exams altogether. With this major shift, a better era has started for exam conduction which is much more feasible, convenient, accurate, secure, and seamless.

In addition to this, the exam conducting bodies have also started to club online proctoring software with online assessments to make them more secure and cheat-proof.

What is Online Proctoring Software?

Online exams have become a huge trend in the current situation all because of its feasibility and ease, but when we talk about its credibility then online proctoring software plays an important role. Online proctoring ensures that when an online exam is being conducted the environment of the test-taker should be cheat-proof. With a variety of features such as candidate authentication, audio-video recordings, screen freeze, etc. the test is assured to be authentic and credible. This type of technological leverage in the online exams has not just helped in increasing the scalability factor but has made it more widely acceptable.

What are the applications of Online Proctoring Software?

Given the situation of Coronavirus which has imposed nationwide gathering restrictions, online exams are the only substitute that is being adopted by all exam conducting bodies. Some of the major sectors and industries that are raising the demand for proctoring software are-

  • Educational Industry– Schools, Colleges, Coaching, Institutes, Training Centers, and Universities
  • Corporate Industry– Recruitment exams, training exams, employee training exams, promotion tests
  • Government Industry– Government organizations/PSUs, Defence sector

How does Online Proctoring Software Exam ensure protection against cheating?

When an online exam is integrated with the features of proctoring then cheating becomes nearly impossible, not even a physical invigilator can ensure this level of safety in exams.

Remote proctoring software is designed to remotely track a candidate’s screen and the test-taking environment through various means. The test-taker has to diligently follow the examination rules and in case of any violation or avoidance tracked by the proctoring software, the exam can be immediately canceled.

Remote proctoring’s tracking system works across various levels which are-

The candidate authentication is done on three levels to ensure the test-taker’s original identity. The authentication can be done through OTP, Aadhaar, IP, and Biometric. Also, the face recognition feature is used to compare the face of the test taker with the Aadhaar card photograph provided.

Apart from this, the remote proctoring software has got many other functionalities that get activated when the test starts, they are-

  • Identifying any sort of background voice or activities in the test takers space.
  • Tracking the movements of the test taker such as eye movement, head movement, and also expressions.
  • Identifying if the candidate has left the room
  • Tracking of screen/browser for any extra tabs opened or how many times the candidate has left the test screen
  • It can also monitor the use of mobile phones, books, etc.
  • In case the candidate is using any sort of unauthorized device then even that can be tracked.

Further, the proctoring service is divided into three categories which are- Auto Proctoring, Live Proctoring, and Recorded Proctoring.

Auto Proctoring- This type of proctoring includes a lot many AI features. These features help in highlighting any sort of unfair means being attempted by the test-taker during the test. Right from raising flags on the suspicious events to constantly tracking large scale of test-takers throughout the test duration, AI-enabled auto proctoring provides robust means of monitoring an online test. The software can easily detect the candidate’s activities on the screen and even in the room.

Live Proctoring- In live proctoring a human proctor assists the monitoring of the test with the help of integrated technology. The proctor invigilates the entire test from a remote location in real-time through a grid screen view of 10 to 15 candidates. The benefit of this type of proctoring is that the proctor can keep a constant check on the test takers and can interfere when necessary. This increases the security of the test and decision making becomes fast. A proctor knows instantly when the candidate has tried to cheat and can send a warning, in an extreme case the proctor can even end the test.

Recorded Proctoring- This is a flexible proctoring method that helps in conducting exams that don’t have to be fixed with time or require ready availability of a proctor. Whenever the test is attempted by the test taker, the software stores all the audio-video recordings as well as images of the test taker. Also, the test takers screen is recorded which is then checked later by a proctor in a fast-forward mode.

How Think Exam remote proctoring software leverage the online tests conducted in schools, colleges, universities, coaching institutes, and corporates?

online proctoring software
online proctoring software

Think Exam’s remote proctoring software has been exclusively designed to be implemented in an educational and organizational setting. It has served as an effective proctoring solution for many recruiters and test administrators across the globe.

Some of its most credible features are-

  • Active cheat alerts
  • ‘End Test’ option
  • Real-time audio/video and image recording of the candidates
  • Browsing limitation and copy-paste disabling

Detailed performance report generated at the end of the test.

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