The Latest Trends in Laravel Application Development


Over the past couple of years, Laravel has been recognized as a popular PHP-based application most appropriate for web development. Moreover, laravel has done an excellent job in becoming the most favourable framework for web development in several industries such as arts, education, entertainment, finance, or information technology, owing to its open-source characteristics. 

When talking in numbers, there have been around 6,28,952 websites using Laravel, and currently, the figure is 6,38,402. The numbers themselves reflects why organizations and enterprises have put their faith in Laravel’s framework.

The MVC or model view controller structure off level is the primary reason for how developers and designers function. Most famous websites are now being built using this framework since the MVC structure allows a feasible user interface and easy and clean navigation. 

Applicational purpose of Laravel development

It is solely Laravel’s features that make business tycoons rely on the framework and hire developers specifically for aiding their digital platforms. Grasping the concepts of Laravel is not as complicated as it may seem to a novice. Several resources are available to all for fulfilling this purpose. Basic PHP knowledge is sufficient to find its robust and clean code structure, very efficient and attractive. 

The Laravel order is expressive and elegant. But, on the other hand, web application developments are in the form of a satisfying and smooth process. Laravel development is applicable in several places.

Some of the features of Laravel primarily include assessing modular packaging systems and relational databases. Thus, the problem-free system of Laravel makes it a manageable framework, such as making application development a less complicated task. 

In brief, the application of Laravel development is majorly resting on companies where enterprise-grade applications are much needed. These companies specifically include healthcare, e-commerce, the media, and web pages requiring data processing and high traffic. In addition, laravel is also applied in companies where backend data management is dominant these companies. 

Latest trends in Laravel development

Now that we know how web apps are structured and their applications let’s see what’s trending in Laravel application development

●     Pre-built apps

With the application of Laravel, several pre-built applications have been introduced that can save both time and money if one is looking forward to developing a similar genre of applications. For doing so, you can use the Laravel website’s templates.

●     Internet of Things (IoT) resources 

Since we are aware of IoT’s capabilities, the idea of combining it with Laravel, a PHP framework, has proven to be highly beneficial for several enterprises and organizations. The amalgamation of the two technological frameworks has proven advantageous across industries since website designing is done by PHP and device connected to the internet is done through IoT. 

You might see several applications based on the combination of IoT and PHP in the future. 

●     Outsourcing 

The increasing demand for Laravel will also directly increase the market value of the PHP framework. An increase in demand will increase the market outsourcing, thereby creating a solid market structure. It cannot be ignored that Laravel would gain a tremendous amount of attention in the years to come. 

Even in the year 2020, many market estimators had predicted that Laravel would be the most commonly used framework, which turned into reality. Moreover, owing to its positive development and usage, Laravel can reduce costs in the long run. Thus, several entrepreneurs and people in business are drawn towards Laravel to take advantage of its services. 

●     Backend management of data

Previously, we had learned that application of level development is found in CRM platforms and for developing content-based applications. 

This can be particularly now done in two primary ways: either by building a platform from scratch and thereby assuring its scalability or by utilizing the Laravel syntax integration with the present CMS structure. 

●     Boosting microservice architecture 

Microservice architecture is commonly mentioned concerning e-commerce and generally constitutes many small working models. 

The microservices architecture includes several independent function models, which then forms a solo scalable and high-performance application. The efficiency of the application is achieved through the in-built Lumen framework.

●     High-performance security

Laravel framework’s high reliability is in its characteristic of robust security done by an arrangement of secret words, SQL and Bcrypt calculations.

●     Serverless distribution

Laravel belongs to those platforms that allow serverless distribution of networks. It is possible to create, manage, restore and scale the database using Vapor, which happens from a built-in dashboard. 

●     Object-based library

The object-based library of Laravel is exclusive and is not always available with many PHP frameworks. This feature mainly allows enormous amounts of processing and heavy data and provides security functions such as verifying the database. 

Laravel’s trending ecosystem

Knowing about Laravel’s applicability by now, its recognition as one of the most efficient frameworks can be agreed upon. 

The different features that it possesses, such as scalability, speed, high cost-effectiveness, and intuitiveness, make it a reliable framework for many industries. Its ecosystem provides:

Top-notch features in security such as checking active users.

BCrypt hashing.

  • Password reset.
  • Encryption in the syntax. 

The Laravel ecosystem would be playing a vital role in the future by promising a more innovative approach towards website application development.

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