Kaspersky Total Security Vs Quick Heal Total Security

Kaspersky Total Security Vs Quickheal Total Security

Kaspersky and Quick Heal are the leading firms in the antivirus market. Firms are known for providing the best services at reasonable prices in the Antivirus security world. They have lots of similarities but still, a user can find slight changes in their services. So it becomes difficult to choose the right security for a device. One of the amazing software of both the firms is Kaspersky Total Security & Quick Heal Total Security. Because of its similar name, you think that the services of both firms are similar. But maybe you are wrong! When you are going to use them then you will find the difference between the Kaspersky Total Security & Quick Heal Total Security.

Here, we are going to compare the services, features, prices, pros, and cons of both the software. Lets the fair battle begin in Kaspersky Total Security Vs Quick Heal Total Security.


Kaspersky Total Security Quick Heal Total Security
Affordable Services Expensive
Easy to use Simple to use
A perk of extra beneficial features Effective Security Features
Award-Winning Security with a 4.8-star rating out of 5 3.8 Rating out of 5
Multi-Device support Compatible for Different devices.
30 days Trial Try it for 30 days

Difference Between Kaspersky Total Security And Quick Heal Total Security

Kaspersky Total Security Quick Heal Total Security
Kaspersky Total Security is a complete antivirus software designed for domestic use. The software protects all kinds of devices from online and offline threats. The software will block all sort of viruses, threats, crypto locker, and other malware threats that can harm your devices. In this, you will experience all the software qualities in one software like safe kids protection, password manager, VPN security, spyware protection, and many other threats.

Kaspersky Total Security is the award-winning antivirus software that gained an “advanced” rank by AV-Comparatives in 2019. In this software, a user will get the 360-degree protection from threats across multiple devices. The software offers a single license that can be used in multiple devices. This one is one of the cost-effective plans for all users.

Quick Heal Total Protection is a complete security solution for all the users but higher prices as compared to the Kaspersky. It is a paid security version of the Quick Heal Security Product. In its internal feature, the user will experience parental Control, safe banking, webcam protection, etc, The software is simple to use & effective at detecting malware threats.

The services of the Quick Heal are easy to use but not easy to afford. As compared to all other software in the market the services of Quick heal are quite expensive. But in this, you will get a high range of quality software that keeps all the private data, files, information away from the eye of the online threats and hackers.

Verdict:- In this overview, the result is Kaspersky’s much better option as compared to a quick heal.

Kaspersky Total Security Vs Quick Heal Total Security:- Features

In an overview, readers find that the services of Kaspersky are affordable as compare to the Quick Heal. So lets now compare the features of both the firm and decide which one is the better choice for you.

Kaspersky Total Security Features Quick Heal Total Security Features
Kaspersky Total Security is a complete security solution for all kind of devices. The user will get effective and efficient features. The services are affordable and features are powerful to guard a device against all kinds of online threats and viruses. According to its prices, the features are sufficient to protect devices.

●        Scan, detect, and remove the latest cyberthreat.

●        Filter Phishing emails

●        Protect devices against ransomware

●        Defend network against attacks

●        Payment Protection

●        Two-way Firewall Protection

●        Use a PC without leaving a trace

●        Protect Multiple Devices

●        Block unauthorized access to your webcam

●        Keep your confidential file safe & secure

●        Create an unhackable password and never Forget them

●        Parental Control

●        VPN security

Quick Heal Total Security Provide a bunch of features that make your online activity protective. In the Quick Heal, feature list the user will find a few more extra features as compared to the Kaspersky. The plan of Quick Heal is expensive but powerful as compare to Kaspersky.

●        Ransomware Protection

●        Safe Banking

●        File Vault

●        Virus Protection

●        Vulnerability Scan

●        Malware Protection

●        Webcam Protection

●        Advanced DNAScan

●        Anti-logger

●        Browser Sandbox

●        Track Cleaner

●        Malware Protection

●        Browsing & phishing  Protection

●        Game Booster

●        Automatic Backup

●        Data Theft Protection

Verdict:- It’s a tie between its features because most of the features are similar. But in the Quick Heal user will get few more features. Although the major area where both software lacks is that they don’t provide any dedicated tool for removing junk files from the device. So in that case it is recommended to use a device optimizer like Avast Cleanup Premium.

Price:- Kaspersky Total Security Vs Quick Heal Total Security

Kaspersky:- $49.99/yr Quick Heal:- $74/mo*
Kaspersky offers affordable services as compared to other providers. The Kaspersky Total Security Cost $49.99/yr with 2 user account & compatible for 5 devices.

●        $49.99/yr

●        2 user account

●        5 devices

●        Savings of Up to 50% by Kaspersky Coupon Code

Quick Heal services are quite high for any kind of user. The Quick Heal Total Security Cost $74/yr with a 1-year license for a single device.

●        $74/yr

●        1 User License

●        Single Device

●        None Type Of Quick Heal Saving Offers.

Verdict:- While comparing the prices the Kaspersky Total Security is the winner. It is affordable o use with lots of similar features.

Pros & Cons of Kaspersky Total Security and Quick Heal Total Security

Kaspersky Total Security Quick Heal Total Security

●        Combo of all features of Internet Security

●        Safe Kids Protection

●        Password Manager

●        VPN Wall Protection


●        Mac Suite Have limited Features


●        Ransomware protection

●        System Optimization

●        External Drive Control


●        Expensive

●        Limited Parental Control Benefit

Kaspersky Total Security Vs Quick Heal Total Security:- My Opinion

Kaspersky Total Security service is powerful and affordable as compared to the Quick Heal. At a very reasonable you will get the best security antivirus services that will help you in making your device’s virus threats free. The Kaspersky is compatible for 5 devices for a year. Quick Heal is expensive for the user and lots of features are similar to the Kaspersky. Kaspersky Total Security is the winner in this friendly of Kaspersky Total Security Vs Quick Heal Total Security.


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