Is it worth buying cable internet?

Is it worth buying cable internet?

Do your family members love online streaming or you have young game lovers in your home? Buying cable internet is the best option for you. It is because your family members need a stable internet connection. Not just stability, cable internet offers fast internet speed to give you unlimited entertainment. You might feel cable internet expensive, but its speed satisfies its pricing. Try it yourself and you’ll feel the difference.

In this article, we are going to discuss whether buying cable internet is worth spending or not. Internet is something we have to deal with without any break, connectivity issues, or any kind of hiccup that can affect productivity largely. So, without further ado, let’s get into the details!

What is cable internet?

Cable internet means internet connection through coaxial cables. Yes, these are the old type of cables but ensure a faster internet speed than DSL (Digital subscriber line). But you must have a cable TV connection to enjoy cable internet. If you don’t have a cable TV, you can’t experience this fast internet service. Cable internet from will serve you and your business with the best internet experience than other internet service providers.

Cable internet functions through an underground network coaxial wires. It’s typically faster than DSL and an improved option if you do lots of video streaming on several devices, do conference video calls, upload large files, or indulge in online gaming and/or binge-watching HD content in your home. Some popular cable ISPs include Xfinity, Cox, Spectrum, and Optimum. If you are looking for a DSL and cable provider, you should check CenturyLink internet services as well. They offer reliable and seamless connectivity.

Pros of Cable internet:

  • Fast, and reliable connectivity
  • Perfect for HD streaming and video gaming.
  • Low latency on numerous devices

Cons of cable internet:

  • Prices Higher than DSL
  • Slow connectivity during peak hours
  • Prices further increase after the promotional period

Is DSL less reliable than cable internet?

When it comes to reliability, both internet connections provide their best. Internet speed is the only difference between these two. People assume that faster internet connections are more reliable but it is not correct. Internet usage varies from one customer to another therefore the experience of each service and provider is subject.

Is cable internet available in remote areas?

When talking about the US, 88% of the area enjoys cable TV coverage but 12% of the remote areas don’t have access to cable internet. You might live in a remote area that comes under this 12% so you can go for DSL or satellite internet in such scenarios. It is available in almost every part of the country.

Which internet service is better for gamers?

Cable internet is faster than DSL. Therefore, you can enjoy the best gaming experience with cable internet than DSL. Gamers using DSL internet often complain about facing lag issues while playing online games. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) also says that DSL is slower than cable internet and has high lagging concerns. If you are a gamer, you can understand that you need lag-free gameplay. Lagging issues cause frustration for the gamer and affect their gaming performance too.

DSL and Dial-up, which one is faster?

Despite being slower than cable internet, DSL is way faster than the dial-up internet connection. When looking at the speed, dial-up can give you only 56 kbps speed but when you look at DSL internet packages, you can avail of high internet speed varying from 10mbps to 100mbps.

Final Verdict

We have shared with you all the pros and cons alongside a rough sketch of how cable services function. We hope this will give you a better idea of which service is worth investing in for you. DSL might be relatively slower in speed but it does the same job. The satellite also has somewhat the same amount of bandwidth. The consumption and budget bracket of each individual and/or household and pricing is something that will be variable here. These factors will also be the driving force for you to subscribe to which type of internet provider their serviceability in your region. However, after reading this, you sure will be able to make an informed decision.

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