Is Coding Required for Dynamics 365?


Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a powerful ERP system that attracts many companies willing to boost their performance as well as individuals seeking career opportunities. Although the goals of these groups are different, both of them usually wonder whether programming skills are necessary for working with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Careers in Microsoft Dynamics 365

To understand whether you need technical knowledge to be able to use Microsoft Dynamics 365, it is crucial to think about the exact ways this software can be utilized.

The purpose of adding Microsoft Dynamics 365 to the company’s technological stack is to support the work of staff and streamline business processes. While the software was designed in a way allowing everyone to utilize it, advanced modification of its apps requires deeper knowledge. The demand for such specialists has resulted in separate career paths, such as a Microsoft Dynamics 365 technical consultant and functional consultant.

Furthermore, working on the creation of the software itself is a separate career path. In fact, it has two branches, which are Microsoft Dynamics 365 development and solution architecture.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for End-Users

The end-users of Microsoft Dynamics 365 are anyone within or outside a company that implemented this ERP system, who is utilizing the software in any way. The level of interactions between users and the Microsoft apps depends on the amount of data access granted and it can be as little as viewing a certain record or as wide as covering the entire scope of activities supported by the system. The latter is a privilege of the Admin security role.

In any case, end-users are working with Microsoft Dynamics 365 through a user-friendly interface that does not require any technical knowledge including programming skills. Naturally, some of the users will gain more understanding of the Microsoft apps’ functionality if they are spending more time working with it or due to their personal interest in technology. Yet, there is still no need to learn to code.

Coding Skills for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Programming, especially in C#.NET is required for three types of occupations related to Microsoft Dynamics 345 such as a developer, solution architect and technical consultant. Additional knowledge of HTML5, CSS, JavaScript as well as Perl or PHP is useful for acquiring one of the jobs.

This list of professions does not include functional consultants whose tasks differ from the work scope of technical consultants. Those are extending the default functionality of Microsoft Dynamics 365 with coding and creating custom workflows and plugins to meet the needs of particular enterprises. Functional consultants are also specializing in ERP system customization, however, their primary work is related to the UI. In practice, functional consultants touch exclusively on the range of work that can be handled without coding, whereas for technical consultants programming knowledge is a must.

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