Top Instagram Hacks to Expand Your Health and Wellness Services in 2023

Top Instagram Hacks to Expand Your Health and Wellness Services

Top Instagram Hacks:

Social networking is the best way to promote your health and wellness services. Instagram is the preferred one among marketers. Yes, you can expand your business and gain new customers or clients. You might be wondering why Instagram, of all things. That is because the platform’s rich visual content appeals to audiences, the best tool to communicate with your potential customers through high-definition photos and videos. 

According to an article published in Huffington Post, there are many ways to grow your brand using social media by sharing the best content. The experts in the industry cite that six of ten adults on the web have their Instagram profiles, and now, the platform has more than 800 million existing users, out of which 500 million Instagrammers use it every month. The extreme popularity of this photo-sharing social app means more and more businesses are using it to expand their brand. Here is how you can do so in 2021:

Create a business Instagram account

Today, Instagram is the ideal social channel to promote your health services as well as your brand. If you do not have an IG account yet, it’s the right time to create one. After all, it is never too late. The social app is entirely free, easy to use. 

If you look at successful health brands, they often post images of healthy diets, exercise methods, behind-the-scenes shots, and inspirational quotes to engage their audiences. Professional food images and videos look stunning on Instagram. Again, many Instagrammers are keen on viewing Stories. Instagram Stories are behind-the-scenes shots, and therefore, you need not make them curated like feed posts. 

Therefore, when you set up an Instagram account, start small and let your social media pages grow as and when you are well-informed with the platform and its tools. 

Whether you are creating your business Instagram page for the first time or already have one, create a public profile. It helps people follow your profile to view your imageries, videos, Instagram Stories, and Reels. This way, likes and comments on your posts will keep increasing and boost user engagement. 

We recommend avoiding keeping your Instagram account private because people will need to seek your permission to view your content. It may lead to loads of opportunities and growth when it comes to your health and wellness services. 

Add some value to followers.

Do not share Instagram photos just because you have to. When you post images related to healthy living, think that your client is right in front of you. Ask whether the idea you did share is good enough to pique customers’ attention. Are you sharing visual content that evokes valuable information to your customers? If yes, go ahead and post the photo, and if not, you need to revamp your social media strategy. 

There are many ideas to make your health-related posts attractive real Instagram likes. You can share breathtaking images of healthy foods like green vegetables, colourful fruits, or a bowl of chicken broth to delight your target audience. Choose food pictures that provide information about healthy, nutritious foods to your customers. That is what is called adding value to your customers. 

Share health inspiration quotes to make those following your brand appreciate your optimistic messages or anyone looking for help to maintain healthy eating habits. Similarly, you can share images or videos of workout techniques to help people stay fit and in shape. 

Share some photos or videos of healthy recipes and the nutritious ingredients used to prepare salads, soups, lean meat with lots of veggies, and things like that. This way, you can become an authority in your industry regarding healthy food ideas and balanced diets. 

Show your genuineness 

When it comes to Instagram marketing, you must show that you are genuine. Instagram helps you post why you are one-off when it comes to your health products or services. 

There are several ways to add some persona to your business Instagram profile. Write something different about your health services on your Instagram bio and authentically connect with your potential customers through feed posts or Instagram Stories. Your content should make your followers feel that your business is relevant to their needs. 

Look at your Instagram followers not just as followers but as a community. These people will opt for your health products or services eventually. 

When you start interacting with your audience, nurture those relationships and reply to their queries and comments on your posts. 

Connect with your followers on a personal level through Instagram. Show your audience that you are a health service company and have a human face behind the business. 


Use these ideas to grow your health and wellness services. You may have a few followers initially, but with the sharing of authentic and quality content, your fan following will definitely increase, and the followers will eventually become your loyal customers. 

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