How to increase your Windows performance by freeing up the disk space


When we buy a new system it works perfectly, however, after some time when the hard drive starts to fill up the performance of Windows 10 system decreases drastically. To keep the Windows in good shape and increase the performance of Windows 10 we have to empty the disk space of windows.

There can be many reasons for your PC to become slow, however, one of the main reasons for the slow PC is filled up hard drive. There are different ways in which we can clean up the hard drive and increase the performance of the Windows 10.

You can clean up the hard drive either the manual way or you can use the software to boost your PC performance.

How to empty disk space manually and increase the performance of Window 10:

Emptying up the recycle Bin.

When we delete something normally it goes into the Recycle Bin. Everything that goes into the Recycle bin will acquire some space on the hard drive. Over time data in the Recycle bin gets more and more and we need to empty the Recycle bin.

To empty the Recycle Bin follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Recycle Bin.
  2. Click on the Recycle Bin Tools.performance
  3. Now click on Empty Recycle Bin.

That’s it

Delete Temp Files to Free Up Space

Temp files are those that need to be used temporarily by the program or application. These files become useless and take unnecessary space.

To delete temp files, follow the steps below:

  • Press the Windows Key and type run and click on it.performance
  • In Run type %temp% and click OK. This will open the tempperformance
  • Now select all the files and folders within the folder and delete them.
  • Now again open Run and this time type temp and click OK.performance

Note: Click on continue if prompted for permission.

  • Select all the files and folder and delete them.
  • Now again open Run and open prefetch. If prompted click on Continue now then delete all files.performance

This will free up the disk space on your system.

Free up space by removing unwanted space on your system:

System behaves poorly if the system is cluttered with applications. So, in order to free up the space you can delete unwanted applications from the system.

To uninstall applications from system, follow the steps below:

Go to settings.

From the settings click on Apps.

Now search for the apps that are unwanted and you want to remove.

Now click on the app name and click on Uninstall.

Follow the instruction to uninstall the application.

Run Disk Cleanup

Disk Clean-up is a built-in Windows utility that will help you to clean up the drive. This utility can be used to remove temporary files from the Window which accumulates over time such as thumbnails, downloaded program files and offline web pages etc.

To use Disk Clean-up, right click on the drive and click on Properties.

Free up space by removing unwanted space on your system

Now click on Disk Clean-up from the properties.

Free up space by removing unwanted space on your system

The utility will help you to select different files.

You just have to select the files you want to remove and click on OK. You can also on Clean up system Files to scan and clean system files. Disk Clean-up will also calculate the amount of space you save.

Free up space by removing unwanted space on your system

Disk Clean-up will help you to recover precious space on your windows system.

Another method for recovering the space:

Recovering the space from windows by transferring data to an external drive or removing them. You can transfer videos, music and other files to the external drive, this will make space on your system.

Using Software to optimize the performance of your System:

If you do not want to optimize the system manually you can always use System optimization software. There is different software you can find to optimize your system, however, we suggest you to use Advanced System Optimizer 3.

Advanced System Optimizer 3 is an all-in-one system optimization suite that is filled with different tools. Advanced System Optimizer is one of the best system optimizer software for Windows 10.

Cleaning up the system disk and improving its performance makes it one of the best Windows 10 optimizers. This simple program uses unnecessary files from the computer, which helps enhance the system’s performance.

Free up space by removing unwanted space on your system

Features of Advanced System Optimizer

  • Easily removes old and junk files from the hard drive, and it also removes the files left by the uninstallation of applications.
  • This software can update the outdated drivers on the system
  • Defrag the hard drive for better performance.
  • Capable of removing privacy traces from the system.
  • Has an anti-spyware software that will help you to remove spyware malware and other infection from your system
  • Can take backup of Windows and user files.

This software will clean your system in one click. Advanced System Optimizer has a one click cleaning feature that will scan your system and clean it.

There are many features in this program that will help you to keep your system in good shape.


By cleaning the disk of your Windows 10 system will speed up your Windows 10 system. Cleaning the Windows system will not only speedup your system but will also help you to manage the files on your system. You can clean the system manually or you can use optimization software for optimizing the system. Using the software to clean up the Windows 10 will save time and hassle whereas cleaning the system manually will save you money that you pay to purchase the software.

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