How to Sell on MS Azure Marketplace?

MS Azure Marketplace

MS Azure marketplace is a Microsoft cloud computing service for applications and services through Microsoft-managed data centres for development, testing, implementation, and administration. It delivers software as a service (SaaS), service platform (PaaS) and service infrastructure (IaaS), and supports a wide range of programming languages, tools, and framework applications, including software produced by Microsoft and other parties.

Let’s look at how to market Azure today, including how your team may prepare for a sales meeting with a potential customer and the numerous technical certifications your team has to complete to become technically educated on Azure. Microsoft also provides a wealth of training materials and tools to assist you in getting up to speed.

To get listed, submit an application.

The first step is to submit your offer, which might be a company offer or any other service you give. You can begin selling through Azure Marketplace after your company has been approved.

Increase the number of leads

You’ll need to create some leads for your potential clients when your company is placed on the Azure marketplace. Customers may be able to spin up live instances of apps or businesses that are presently functioning on MS Azure Marketplace using these leads. Customers will be better able to grasp how your company will satisfy their wants if you do this.

Promote Your Products or Services

The following step is to acquire access to Microsoft enterprise dealers. You will have access to all Microsoft clients from about 100 countries and regions after you have gained access. With the support of Microsoft enterprise sales, you may market your company or cloud solution across the country.

Generate Sales

You must also keep track of your trades, which include your business’s revenues and costs. You’ll need some strong commerce capabilities to run a profitable firm. You must also obtain information on how your firm is operating, including whether or not you are generating any income and whether or not your company is expanding.

Take use of the commercial marketplace’s possibilities to expand your business.

– Add additional markets and segments to your solution offering.

– New marketing leads and sales possibilities should be generated.

– As your clients migrate their workloads to the cloud, you may upsell and cross-sell your products.

– Reduce sales cycles, speed projects, and boost deal profitability by marketing your solutions for specific workloads and industry circumstances.

– Learn how to maximise campaign efforts for your solution by getting valuable data on your listing performance and orders.

– a wide range of free technical, marketing, and sales benefits to aid in the growth of your company:

Technical terms

Application design and architectural design to Azure credits for development and testing, acquire the technical tools you need to get your app ready for launch.

To help you launch and promote your solution, get free access to Microsoft Go-To-Market Launch Fundamentals. You may also be eligible for Microsoft marketing initiatives and commercial marketplace placement.

With the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) programme, the co-sell programme, and Microsoft Sales teams, you may reach additional clients and enhance your sales prospects.

Last words

MS Azure marketplace may be utilised by businesses in a variety of ways. Azure, for example, may assist enterprises with the development of contemporary apps, infrastructure, data analytics, and identity and access management. Understanding these possibilities is critical to persuading your customers that Azure is the best cloud platform for them.

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