How to Recover Data from Failed Synology NAS Drive?

Synology NAS Drive is the ultimate solution to synchronize and backup data from multiple systems to a single centralized server. NAS, which stands for Network Attached Storage, stores data of various client computers, which could be easily retrieved on the centralized location. NAS is a flexible solution for data storage as it could be easily expanded by adding on new space into the already existing one.

Reasons for Losing Data on Synology NAS Drive

One could lose access to the data stored on a Synology NAS Drive due to various reasons. A few of them are listed below:

  • Degradation: The life of the hardware could be a major reason for data loss as it degrades with usage and time. Adding to it, sudden power failures and mishandling of the device also contribute to the same.
  • Failure: Due to some manufacturing defect or mishandling of drive, there are high chances of device failure, leading to the inaccessibility of the data stored on the drive.
  • Crash: Crashing is when the device suddenly stops working even after the best maintenance being provided to it. This further leads to data loss.
  • Corruption: Viruses, malware infections or corrupt system files on the drive will definitely harm the data present on it.

What should I do for Synology NAS drive recovery?

The best way for Synology Data Recovery is to reach Stellar – one of India’s best data recovery organizations. They offer excellent Synology NAS recovery, irrespective of the operating system, make, and configuration of the drive. They can recover data even if the storage devices are accessible, not accessible or affected by virus and malware.

Although a few minor problems could be tackled with DIY software, severe issues need to go in the hands of professional data recovery experts. Stellar, India’s number one data recovery service provider has so much to offer to its customers. Here is a list of the same:

  • Labs: Stellar has Class 100 Clean Room, which is a laboratory controlling the levels of the airborne particles, along with humidity, pressure, and temperature. This type of labs is necessary to recover data from damaged drives.
  • Experts: Stellar makes sure to hire the best of the best to ensure that the process of data recovery goes through the hands of perfectionist. The lab technicians at Stellar are well-experienced and capable of handling severe data loss cases.
  • Pick and Drop: The pick and drop service by Stellar has turned out to be a boon in this time of pandemic as one can get the data recovered in the best of the labs in India without even moving out of the house.
  • 24X6 Support: There is a customer support line which is open 6 days a week for the entire 24 hours of the day. The customers can seek the guidance of experts at any time of the day.
  • Privacy: We all know that there could be personal as well as professional data on the storage drives, which is bound to be kept confidential. Stellar provides 100% safety and security of the data, ensuring total privacy.

Not only these, there are so many benefits offered by the Stellar Data Recovery India.


In the times when the software fails to recover data from the Synology NAS Drive, do not panic and straightaway call the Stellar Data Recovery Services. Stellar data recovery India is an ISO certified data recovery service providers. They will ensure to recover the data in full private and secure mode, along with 100% guaranteed recovery. Also they offer no recovery – no charge policy, means that you will not be charged single penny if they do not recover your data.

Not to mention, it is a boon in this lockdown that Stellar is just a call away. Do not think and go for the best data recovery.

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