How to show post on Google First Page

How to Rank on First Page of Google

Neither the blogger nor the webmaster will get enough organic traffic to the blog until his blog posts are shown on the first page of Google search results. In online marketing, it is not possible to reach the brink of success without organic traffic. If you can optimize the Google search engine properly, it will be possible to position only the first page of search results. When most of the posts on a blog show on the first page of the search engine, the visitor will increase at a rapid pace.

Today I will discuss the most important issues. At present, more than 5% of people on the Internet use Google search engine to find something on the Internet. If you can show your blog post on the first page of Google search results by doing proper SEO, then you will get a good ranking of the blog by getting enough visitors from the search engine.

Find local keywords:

If your blog is in Bangla or shares articles in a particular country or locality, you need to find out what kind of keywords people from those countries and areas are searching on the internet. Because Google can now easily identify websites written on local topics.

In this case, if you blog without optimizing your local keywords, then Google will not understand the importance of your blog post in a country. This will exclude your target country or location from being displayed worldwide. To do this, Google Webmaster Tools will select the target country of your blog. So when people search in that country, Google will give your blog more importance in the search of that country.

If you can add some more things to do, Google will be able to easily identify the location of your blog. You can tell Google the location of your blog by adding the URL, name, address, and phone number (NAP) of your blog to Google Maps. If you can verify the address added to Google Map from Google My Business then you can get more benefits from local searches.

International blog structure:

If you are targeting the entire world and blogging, then some important pages should be kept in order to give the visitor and search engine clear ideas about the website. Without these pages, the importance of your blog will be reduced to the search engine. But for those who blog in local or Bangla language, these pages will not be a problem even if they do not have these pages. However, it is better to keep the pages.

About Us: This is a very important page. Here are the details of your blog and your contact details:

Contact Us: Provide a contact form for the visitor to contact you at any time you need it. This will create communication with the readers of your blog.

Privacy Policy: How to collect and use various information in accordance with the privacy policy of your blog. If your blog is something like this, make sure to mention it on your site.

Sitemap: An HTML / XML Sitemap is created to summarize the complete ideas of a blog. This will give your blog a complete sense of the blog by presenting it briefly to the search engine.

The above pages may seem completely unnecessary for newcomers. However, as your blog is growing, you may find yourself lacking these pages. So for any kind of blogging, it would be best to leave the pages in the first stage of blogging.

Creating a quality blog:

Agreeing to a standard indicates a lot of blog content overall. After starting a blog, there are many other things to keep in mind while keeping the structure of the blog interesting. Below I will discuss some of the basics of a quality blog.

Original Content: There is no substitute for good quality original content to get traffic to the blog. The more unique content you can share on your blog, the better your search engine will be. Particularly for the Google search engine, the value of unique content is so high that it cannot be described in any way.

Moreover, without SEO content, no results will be made by SEO. I spend most of my time working with SEO clients. Before getting a job, my client does not know if his blog has good quality content. Without good content, I would never do SEO work.

Because without the original content, I would not be able to drive traffic from the search engine. In addition to keeping the website design beautiful, try to keep it nice on the blog. By placing navigation on a site that does not easily attract the visitor’s attention, the reader will leave the blog for a long time.

Breadcrumbs: This allows both search engines and visitors to have transparent ideas about the category and location of your blog post. Especially these Breadcrumbs links can be used to create a kind of Internal Backlinks.

Search Box: A blog that doesn’t have a search box loses importance Keep a nice and transparent search box in a place that can easily attract visitors. This will allow both search engines and visitors to get transparent ideas about your blog post category and many more. Especially these Breadcrumbs links can be used to create a kind of Internal Backlinks.

Responsive Design: Responsive Web Designs have recently turned into professional web design. There was a time when a blog/website was not responsive, but not everyone is designing their blog as Responsive Designs. Top-level blog designers have adopted their blogs to adapt to a variety of small and large devices.

Moreover, the speed of any responsive blog is much higher than other normal blogs. The biggest advantage of this is that the content of such blogs can be read clearly without zooming. If you have not yet made the blog responsive, you may be missing out on small device visitors. Moreover, Google has long ago urged everyone to make their blog responsive.

Optimize for Mobile:

Responsive Web Designs will be followed by mobile optimization. Responsive Designs are only visible to all devices, compatible with them. And after optimizing mobile, smaller mobiles are able to load websites faster. Those who are blogging with Google Blogger can optimize the blog to full mobile by using various blog Conditional tags.

Currently, the Google search engine has created a separate Google mobile bot for mobile search. After deciding whether the Google Mobile Boat website is mobile-friendly, Google decides to display it in mobile search results.

AMP optimization:

AMP HTML is an open-source project supported by a Google company, which helps content on a website load faster on any type of mobile device. Even better, on a mobile device, AMP is capable of loading any website like a fast bullet. Currently, the Google search engine is taking AMP very seriously in terms of mobile ranking.

However, in order to take advantage of this, your blog should only refrain from using third-party scripts, including almost all types of ads, except Google AdSense.

Using Schema Markup:

This is a kind of Semantic Vocabulary code, which is used on blogs and websites to increase the attractiveness of search engines. These are usually in the form of HTML and Scripts. Using these Schema Markup tags will allow search engines to have a clear idea of ​​the various topics of your blog. As a result, your blog will be more likely to appear on the first page of the search engine. We have already shared three posts on this topic in our blog. If you like, you can check out our blog posts.

Use of good quality image:

Google search engine has an option called Image Search. When you search there any kind of picture appears in front of the eye. If you can upload beautiful images to your blog by using the Alta Tag to search the image, then it is possible to get a lot of traffic. In this case, try to upload your own picture of the low quality of good quality.

Using pictures on others’ blogs will not normally be a problem. However, if someone complains, then there is a problem. If you want to use the pictures from the Internet, try to use at least some changes. Then it is less likely to be read into a piracy complaint.

So I would say again that without proper search engine optimization no one has been able to get traffic from search engines and in the future, it will not be possible. If you expect enough organic traffic to the blog then you must blog following all the rules of search engine optimization that suggest the SEO Expert in Bangladesh. However, the success of your blog will quickly catch you.

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