How to get RSS feed for any Subreddit

get RSS feed for any Subreddit

Get RSS feed for any Subreddit:

Reddit is one of its kind social media platforms which consists of great individual subreddits that can help in building a community of likeminded people. If you want to track specific communities, but never want to open in tab, RSS feeds can fix this for you.

Reddit basically provides RSS feeds for every page you open, allowing you to subscribe with your favourite RSS reader or integrate content with other services as well. Getting started is just a few steps away.

Get RSS feed for any Subreddit or Conversation

Go to any Subreddit, and then look at the URL. We use the best community on the site as a starting point.

Get RSS feed for any Subreddit

To access the RSS feed, add “.rss” at the end of the URL. It works with or without adding final slash.

Get RSS feed for any Subreddit

Hit enter and open URL. Depending on your browser, this can look messy.

Get RSS feed for any Subreddit

Don’t be fooled: this is an RSS feed you can use anywhere.

Some large web-based feed readers – feedly, for example, do not play neat with popular sub-credit feeds because Reddit limits how much bandwidth they can use. However, desktop-based RSS readers seem to be doing fine.

Get RSS feed for any Subreddit

Note that you can add .rss at the end of any reddit URL. For example, if you are a glutton for punishment, you can subscribe to and see more content‌.

Get RSS feed for any Subreddit

You can also subscribe to individual conversations by adding .rss at the end of the post ‘URL as seen above and you will get a working RSS feed.

Track all reddit links to any domain with RSS

Not everyone knows this, but it’s very easy to see every post on Reddit on a specific domain: go to and follow the domain of the website. For example, shows all the posts linked to this website.

Get RSS feed for any Subreddit

You can actually integrate this trick with the RSS trick, which allows you to track whenever a specific domain is linked without opening a reddit.

Get RSS feed for any Subreddit

This can prove useful, for example, if you run a website and want to track reddit links, to find out where that sudden surge of traffic came from.

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