How To Change Your iOS GPS Location?

iOS GPS Location

Want to change your GPS location to iOS? IOS GPS location forgery programs and programs help to falsify your location in every application on your mobile phone based on location. Sometimes fake space on the iPhone is tricky. You may have legitimate reasons to change your faking location on iPhone. Although this is a complicated process because there is no built-in feature that allows the user to change their GPS location on the device.

Some reasons or situations that may encourage you to spoof iOS GPS Location
  • Pokemon GO: For example, when you play the game ispoofer Pok√©mon go iOS, which requires your location. Here you can track your location instead of moving to a real place to catch Pokemon.


  • Dating Programs: Suppose you are going to move to a new place and want to look for your dating partner there. Fake iOS GPS will help you cheat the dating app to think you are in a new place. The app will show the relevant options for you that are present there.


  • To have fun: let’s say you’re visiting a new place and want to check a specific place there, but time constraints don’t allow you to do so. However, with iOS GPS spoofing, you can fool your friends and family and show yourself how to register at that particular place.


  • Fake location on the iPhone is difficult, given the security and privacy of iOS. Although there are some programs created by developers that can help you with this:


  • Fone-Virtual Location: This is a Mac application that can be used to spoof iOS GPS. It is free for three days and quite easy to use. All you need to do is download iSpoofer, then open iSpoofer on your device and select Spoof for iOS GPS Spoofing. Now find the place you want and click on it. When finished, select “Move”. This application is very risky to use with very limited features.


  • iTools: This app runs on iOS 12 or earlier for iOS GPS spoofing. Free for only 24 years. Install it on your computer and keep iPhone connected with a USB cable. Choose a free trial. Select “Virtual location” and enter the location you want to have at the top of the map. When the fake place appears, click “Move here.” This allows fake placement on the iPhone for only 24 hours. This is a bit risky and unstable for fake iOS GPS. So, you can try another option. One of the safest and most stable ways is:


  • Background Virtual Location: This can be used to spoof iOS GPS anywhere in the world. All you have to do is click on the whole process. It has minimal risks of prohibition. It has a very interesting interface design. You can simulate GPS movement as you wish. You can follow this link to learn more

Change Your iOS GPS Location


IOS users face many problems due to GPS location. Most people want some privacy, or there are certain things they don’t want to share with other people, so they need to fake their GPS location. Lack of privacy and some other issues related to the location of the GPS joystick. Which shows exactly where you are. Sometimes we want to go for a walk on a day off, so we don’t want to share our location with others. So to avoid all these circumstances, most people have to fake their GPS location.

In this blog, we will learn how to fake the location of GPS iOS, what apps are available in the market for this (stable and unstable, pros and cons) and what is the best app you can use for this purpose. There are a number of apps available in the market that are used to change GPS location, or we can say that we can easily fake your location, we will talk about some of them for comparison.

Some features of iOS GPS location spoofing:

  1. Fake GPS location on iPhone: You just need to enter the location you want to fake, or the coordinates to fake iOS GPS.
  2. Fake with the GPS joystick: You can control the movement with just a few keys, such as W, A, S and D, with the joystick.

Other programs:

We will now discuss some programs with some advantages and disadvantages. The first is Fake Location. Fake location is a fun program that allows you to parody your area so you can fool your companions. It uses original guides with half-and-half highlights, including a photo background and a road view. You can physically set up a fake area in the guidebook and imagine that you are there by posting the guidebook and photos on Facebook, Twitter and SMS. The app, created by Bungil Park, is ideal for iPhone, iPad and iPod contacts. Here are some pros and cons of this app:


  • Offers real area maps
  • Allows you to set and print fake areas
  • Supports photo communications
  • Offers three reviews with detailed data
  • Allows you to make bookmarks and spare space


  • Requires fast Internet association with Discover cards.

Many other applications are also available in the market with both advantages and disadvantages.

Experience and reliability of Dr.Fone virtual location:

You should try Dr.Fone Virtual Location, as it also provides the best experience and reliability. Some points in this regard are given below:

  • Usability:

This iOS realm transformer works independently of iTunes. This means you can set it up in less than 5 minutes. A pre-parody of 2H (short-lived) is also available, but you can fully see how it works before settling on your purchase.

  • Customer support:

This GPS Spoofer element is equipped with 24-hour support for customers, which makes it easy to understand the problem when things go wrong. However, for iSpoofer and iTools, they do not have dedicated customer care.

Concluding all the above discussion, we can say that Dr.Fone Virtual Location is the best application for fake GPS location, which is available on the market with a handful, full of features, best user experience and user-friendly interface.

  • Website friendliness:

Compared to other spoofer apps, Dr.Fone – Virtual Location (iOS) from renowned app vendor, and its website are easy to parse. You can easily find what you are looking for, such as a product presentation, guide, survey and purchase page with different licenses. In any case, we can hardly find enough data to link to from iSpoofer or iTools.

  • Danger of prohibition:

This amp for iOS works with well-known AR games such as Pokemon Go, in fact, but it does not guarantee that on its site, and during use, you may receive warnings about too fast a speed or too much distance, which is expected , guarantee your record of well-being while making fun of Pokemon.

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