How Dodow Solves Your Sleep Woes

Dodow Solves Your Sleep Woes

Facing problems in sleeping is a common woe nowadays. With job hours becoming never-ending, people are unable to relax even after they are home. This means that even a regular workday is marred by unnecessary stress and problems like sleep disorders.

Fortunately, Dodow is here to help you out. Its simplistic features ensure a night of blissful sleep with no worries at all. Here we will tell you how Dodow solves your sleep problems. 

Dodow Solves Your Sleep Woes

Twin modes

The device has a simplistic design and does not take much of your space. Plus, there are two modes- one for 8 minutes and another for 20 minutes. You only have to tap on the gadget’s touch surface. Once you do that, you can activate either mode. Read the Dodow review to know more about its functionality.

Three-step process

The process of falling asleep through Dodow is pretty simple. The entire process of falling asleep is three-tiered.

  • Inhale- You need to tap the touch-sensitive surface once for 8-minute mode. For the 20 minute mode, you must tap on the surface twice. Promptly a blue light would appear on the ceiling. Now synchronize your breathing and inhale when the light starts to expand.
  • Exhale- Exhale when the light retracts. You will realize that the exhalation is longer than before. Doing this creates a sensation of being tired. Once your body realizes it is tired, it faces no problems in falling asleep.
  • Sleep- At the end of this exercise, Dodow switches off on its own. Your body is completely relaxed and will go to sleep without any disturbance. There is no particular specification of the sleeping pose. You can sleep smoothly, irrespective of which pose you like.

Suitable for all ages

Kids’ minds are always bubbling with ideas. Obviously, then falling asleep for them is a trauma. Parents also are unable to provide any relief. However, with Dodow, the kids sleep blissfully all night long. A refreshed child will never trouble you. As a parent, you can also sleep to your heart’s content.

Naturally induced sleep

Surprisingly Dodow naturally induces sleep. There are no significant chemicals involved that could harm you or your family members. All you have to do is to pay attention to the blue light as you exhale.

This causes your body to feel tired, and within no time, you are sleeping. You do not have to worry about closing the device. Automatically after the mode is over, your device switches off. You are comfortably on the move to sleeping by the time that happens.


Fulfilling your daily sleep requirement is necessary to keep yourself healthy. With Dodow, you do not have to worry about your sleep troubles anymore. Plus, the fact that it does not have any harmful ingredients contributes to its benefits. Once the device is on, you just have to relax, and the rest Dodow will take care of.

If your kids or elders in the family are facing a similar problem, you can use Dodow for them as well. With the device in use, your mind remains off other things and sleep in peace.

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