How to fix Discord RTC Connecting?

Discord RTC Connecting?

Discord RTC Connecting:

Discord RTC Connecting?

Most gamers get RTC connecting problem in their Discord app and I know many friends who are having problems repeatedly with this error. If you’re one of them, don’t worry, we’re here to help people who are struggling to decode discord RTC Connect issue and provide and its optimal solution.

I have checked many forums, but they talk about some specific answers. However, we need to understand that this kind of message occur for a variety of reasons and we need to understand the reason before moving towards the solution.

RTC Connecting discord is related to voice and you cannot connect by sound. In my opinion, you know about the problem because you are facing it in present. I shared information about people who want to know more about the Discord app.

As you can see, any software or program problems on a computer are occurred for a variety of reasons. Here in case of discord, some solutions may be traditional while some may be straightforward.

Fixes for Discord RTC Connecting issue

I am going to tell you two basic methods that you can use to get rid of this problem from Discord app. As you can see, when you want to use the app on your system, your discord app shows the problem of connecting the normal RTC.

Before proceeding with the solution, please check whether there is any Internet control over your network connection, if administrators prevent discord’s certain features on their server, you will not be able to use it there.

I have mainly considered two cases; in which case your PC configuration is causing the problem (i.e. you changed some configuration while installing the other application). In the second case, it may be due to application.

  1. System Setting and Configuration-Related Solutions

In this section, I am going to give you some basic and general things that you should try to solve this problem. This process depends on the hit and run methods used to determine and resolve the RTC connecting from your system.

Restart your PC

All you have to do first is restart your PC and Internet device or plug out the Ethernet cable. In most cases, if your system causes a problem due to some hardware, restarting it will lead to the correct state.

Turn off VPN

You can check your firewall, antivirus and VPN (things that are network related). You can close all of these, and then launch the app. After checking one by one you will find the culprit once all closed together.

Disable QOS

You can disable QOS and then check the Discord application to see if there is a connection error. To perform the task, go to user setting of the app and then turn off “Enable Quality of Service High Packet Priority” setting.

  1. Proxy server configuration fix

This is a unique solution and process because with the above solution some RTC Discord Connect problem cannot be solved. At some point I tried this step and it worked.

You need to fix your PC’s proxy server configuration, and then the RTC Connect Discord will disappear from the screen. Solve the problem using the following steps to complete this process.

  1. Close all the apps you are currently using.
  2. Open the control panel on your Windows device using the search box.
  3. Then click on the “Network and Internet” option, and then click on the “Internet Options” button.Discord RTC Connecting?
  4. A new window will appear with the name “Internet Properties”.
  5. In this window, you can see the various sections, click on the “Connections” section of this window.
  6. Then click on the button labelled “LAN Setting”.
  7. A new window will appear with the name “Local Area Network”.
  8. Uncheck the box under the “Proxy Server” heading.Discord RTC Connecting?
  9. Change Your Voice Server Country

If you are having trouble connecting to your own channel that you created, you can try changing the location of your voice server. Change its origin Country to USA or UK if you are currently on a Canada server. Follow the instructions to run it on your system.

  • Select the current server and click on the server name that appears on your computer screen. It is located in the upper right corner of your system screen and a dropdown appears when you click on it, click on the “Server setting” button.
  • Now you can see the server region settings there, click on change and select any other country and check if the issue is solved.
  1. Block the quality of the server configuration

Being a frequent discord, I have previously encountered this error in connecting RTC on my system and through this step you can solve the problems. So, if you have trouble connecting to RTC, give it a try.

  • Click the Settings button next to your name.
  • Locate “Voice and video” and click on it
  • Scroll down to the screen and locate “Enable Quality of Service High Packet Priority” setting and turn off the toggle button.
  1. Take the Discord RTC connection test

If your bug is still not fixed, check your devices with the webRTC website to find out the real problem.

  • Open the website in your browser.
  • Now press the “Start” button, which will diagnose your device’s microphone, network, connectivity and give you the exact cause of the problem.


These are the solutions you can use to fix the discord RTC Connecting issue that appears while running the Discord application on your PC. If you have any issues with RTC Connecting, you can comment below/

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