Cybersecurity Career: Demand and Growth Prospects

Cybersecurity Career

Cybersecurity has become a field worth investing in and has significantly grown in demand recently. The demand for cybersecurity experts is undeniably high in today’s age. It seems that the need for such experts is not going anywhere in the foreseeable future. Cyberattacks have become more prevalent and sophisticated. Earlier we would hear only about high-profile corporate targets, but now individual users and small businesses have also become victims. If you have an online presence, you are prone to cyber threats. Considering these points, the rate of professionals in IT security has increased drastically from 2012 to 2021. 

Organizations of all sizes are seeking to hire cybersecurity experts to strengthen their IT infrastructure. Thus, if this field appeals to you, you’re on the path to securing a lucrative career.

Why is cybersecurity in demand?

Organizations seek qualified cybersecurity experts.

Organizations today have prioritized the need and search for qualified IT security experts and technologists who understand the malicious threats. Most companies have poor security features that make them vulnerable to attacks. As cybercrimes continue to increase and become more sophisticated, every type of business has suffered devastating losses and has experienced a decrease in customer trust. 

To counteract the effects of such attacks and eliminate malicious intent, companies actively seek cybersecurity professionals. The awareness for practices against cyber threats and prevention has increased and consequently the career growth potential. 

Cyber threats have become sophisticated.

Hackers have developed unique and improved ways of targeting their victims and accessing sensitive data. Here the role of cybersecurity professionals is to anticipate and identify security risks before any potential attacker manipulates them. 

Since hackers have become more innovative, IT security professionals need to outsmart them. As a result, these professionals must develop and implement new ways to counter attacks and defend organizational data. Most cybersecurity professionals are now opting for a cyber security masters degree online to upskill themselves and brace for unknown challenges. It also makes them a preferred choice for organizations as they can better navigate their work alongside online learning and development. 

As the malicious skills become more advanced, so does the need for specialists to master advanced security solutions. 

Cyberattacks have become expensive for businesses.

Cybercrime has shifted its perspective from accessing or changing user data to making huge transactions. These cyberattacks have cost organizations millions and are one of the reasons for the career’s heightened demand. 

The number of data breaches and the cost of cybercrime has increased tremendously. Today, the total cost is double in 2021 to what it was in 2015. When a company’s future is hanging by a thread, they need a security professional to defend them. 


As organizations move towards automation, all of their core processes have roots deeply embedded in technology. Every automated system runs on a series of codes that an expert cybercriminal can easily access and cause a break-in. Hence, the more automation and digitization occurs, the more opportunities for criminals to exploit. 

It might be alarming news for organizations but good news for those who want to pursue this career and become a part of the growth. 

Vulnerabilities are everywhere

Hacking and cyberattacks are not only about computers, servers, or websites. These attacks manipulate an opportunity for anything technology-based and run-on data (codes). Vulnerabilities are everywhere, ranging from aeroplanes to traffic control systems and power grids. More products and structures remain open to attack from potential criminals. There is a need for active security professionals to identify and mitigate these threats before they become a national security issue. 

The career outlook for cybersecurity professionals

Individuals associated with the cybersecurity field can earn a median salary of $103,590 annually or $50 per hour. With such a lucrative opportunity, it is no wonder that the number of applicants eager to get into the field has increased. Many graduates of cybersecurity programs go on to work for the military or national security department. Some private firms that rely on trained professionals for network security may also hire these experts. 

Some of the most preferred job titles for the cybersecurity field include:

Security SpecialistMany individuals who enter this profession look forward to becoming security specialists. It is an entry-level job that requires a bachelor’s degree and is expected to secure company networks and systems. Their average salary is up to $111,000 annually.

  • Incident Responder

Incident responders are the ones who respond to emergencies and are the first ones on the scene when the attack happens. They are responsible for preventing any repetitive threat by running audits and prevention tests. They have to develop contingency plans and report all the necessary information to law enforcement agencies for immediate action. Their median salary is up to $110,972 annually.

  • Security Administrator

They are the ones responsible for installing and monitoring security measures. They have to keep every security system intact and carry out updates and changes. They have to create plans to ensure no illegal activity occurs through the exploitation of software and systems. The median salary for the post of security administrator goes up to $95,868 annually. 

Other Fields

Other fields in this career choice include vulnerability accessor, cryptographer, security manager, security analyst and auditor, and forensic expert.

Ending Note

The career outlook of the cybersecurity career is more than enough to establish its significance and growth potential. Suppose you are keenly interested in becoming a frontline fighter against these cyber threats. In that case, this is the best time to enter this field and start your career. Within no time, organizations will be grappling to onboard you and benefit from your vast skillset and expertise. 

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