When should you consider buying a postpaid plan?

When should you consider buying a postpaid plan?

Postpaid is a service provided by telecommunications companies where the customer pays the bill at the end of the month/after usage.

A simple difference between prepaid and postpaid is that in prepaid, the customer has to make a payment and then they can use data or make calls as per the plan they choose. In postpaid, the customer chooses a plan and can start using the data and make calls without any prior payment; the payment in postpaid is made at the end of the bill tenure.

What are the benefits of choosing postpaid?

There are many benefits to choosing postpaid. One of the main benefits is that you don’t need a top-up recharge; you can simply keep using the mobile data and make unlimited calls.

MobiKwik, one of India’s most loved online payment apps, lets you pay postpaid bills like Vodafone Idea (VI) bill payment, Jio postpaid bill payment and others. It is safe, secure and absolutely hassle-free. In addition, it provides a lot of other benefits like Cashback offers, discounts, various payment methods for clearing dues, etc. Most of these online payment apps will notify you when you receive the bill/invoice at the end of the month and when you clear the bill using it. You can also check all the details like data used, calls made, and minutes of talk time used.

The following are some of the best benefits of postpaid SIM:-

  • There are no top-up recharge issues with postpaid plans
  • You enjoy unlimited calls, SMS and data
  • You also get data rollover which is rare when it comes to prepaid services
  • You can set a limit for data usage and calls
  • You enjoy additional benefits such as OTT subscriptions
  • You also get provisions such as automatic bill payments

Postpaid services

Almost every telecommunication provider offers postpaid service, and for uninterrupted service, you need to make the bill payments timely. Some of the best postpaid service providers are Jio Postpaid and Vodafone Idea(Vi) Postpaid. They offer a wide range of benefits, such as OTT subscriptions to Disney+ Hotstar, Sony Liv, Jio TV, Jio Cinema, Vi TV, and Vi Basic.

A Vodafone Idea (VI) bill payment, including many other postpaid bill payments, can easily be made via digital payment platforms.

The postpaid offers for

  • Data Rollover so there is no loss of data
  • When the limit of data usage is reached, you will be notified
  • You can also opt for adding extra data to your existing plan when you reach the limit
  • You enjoy fewer bill amounts
  • You get reasonable offers when using MobiKwik for a Jio postpaid bill payment.

When should I choose postpaid?

Postpaid is preferred by customers who have frequent usage of data and calls. Customers who have high usage of data and calls should prefer postpaid.

If you do not want any interruptions with regards to top-up recharge and data over, talk time reached, then you can choose a postpaid SIM.

You do not have to worry about huge bills and large amounts. You can always choose a plan or a limit for the usage of data and calls, even for postpaid. You will be notified when you reach the limit, and extra data will be added to your plan.

A postpaid SIM is value for money and offers various perks/benefits, as mentioned above. Therefore, it is suitable for those who like binge-watching and Internet surfing and who frequently make many calls.

In general, Postpaid is chosen by people who have fixed salaries. At the end of the billing cycle, the bill for the postpaid service is paid off automatically, and the customer does not have to worry about top-up recharges.

As businesses have loads of work and need to make calls and use data too often, they can opt for postpaid services.


It is not a difficult task to change from prepaid to postpaid. With every service provider offering postpaid services, you can just inform your service provider that you wish to change to a postpaid SIM. So there you go, choose your postpaid service and enjoy unlimited and uninterrupted entertainment and service. And to pay your postpaid bills, you can always rely on MobiKwik, a safe and secure digital payment platform.

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