5 Steps: How Do You Clean Out Your Mac to Make it Run Faster

Clean Out Your Mac to Make it Run Faster

If you have been working on a computer for a long time, then you have most probably faced your fair share of system troubles. It may have been from the operating system’s side or hardware or the third-party applications that you have installed, etc. Whatever the case maybe, but you have experienced how frustrating it can be. Mac computers are the best line of computers that the world has ever seen.

They are fast, surprisingly capable, secure and what not but even they get slow after continuous usage. Just like any other machine they need regular maintenance so that they can function properly and get the work done. The user’s profession or what kind of work they do on it does not matter that much. Almost every kind of work generates data, even if not directly, you would still have cache eating up your storage and that is perfectly capable of slowing down your computer. So in this article I am going to share with you some of the best tips and tricks on how you can clean your Latest macOS and make it run faster. Have a look:

Tips to Clean Mac

Open Activity Monitor


Activity Monitor is an inbuilt application in the Mac that keeps track of activities and processes on the computer. It is a powerful tool and can be used as a last measure to close applications even if your computer crashes. So what should you do? Open spotlight search and type activity monitor, click on it to open.

You will see tabs like CPU, Memory, Energy, Disk and Network. Click on any of these heads to check out what all processes are going on under them as per systweak. If you see any of the apps or the process taking too much unnecessary power then you should end it. Just make sure to save all of your data before closing anything.

There will be a lot of processes that you didn’t start but can still see them there. They may be system ones or background applications that you forgot to close. This will help clear up the load from the computer to a lot of extent.

Minimize Login Items

Login Items is the list of applications which are set to launch every time you boot your computer. So if you have, say like 10 programs in the list then your computer will first load all the system boot files into the memory and will start the system. But while doing that your system will also prepare to launch these 10 programs by loading all the data into the memory.

A computer has a limited amount of space available in memory, so if you have too many programs in it then your system will take a longer time to start. So I would suggest you reduce as many as items possible from this list. You can find it in: System Preferences > Users and Groups > (Your Username).



Restart your computer. I know that it sounds nothing technical and you probably do it everyday but if you are working on your computer for hours and are now finding it suddenly slow then rebooting your computer after saving your data is a good practice. It clears up the memory and so you will have a relatively faster computer when it starts. Remember to reboot your computer after you install updates or uninstall a heavy program.

Get Rid of Unnecessary Apps

In the Application section you will find all the apps that are installed on your computer. Check each and every one of them and if you find that there are some of them which are not useful to you, get rid of them. Uninstall them, that would be the best way to go. There are a lot of applications that look very promising or amazing and after using them for sometime we either lose interest or just forget about them. In both the cases you have stopped using them but they haven’t stopped using your computer’s resources. Removing such apps will also make space in your storage drive and you will have less clutter to deal with.

Get an external SSD


If you have a lot of media on your computer then it would be a great idea to transfer most of it to somewhere else. You can either put it on cloud storage or on an external storage. You need to stay connected to the internet all the time if you want to access all of your data and also your internet connection should be fast enough. On the other hand SSDs are fast paced storage drives which are specifically made for the purpose. They have high speed data transfer capabilities and are much more dependable than traditional HDDs.

Check the trash bin


The Trash bin is also located on the storage of your computer so whenever you delete something it goes straight to the Trash folder on your system and from there you will have to delete it again to get rid of anything permanently. It is common knowledge but a lot of people forget to empty the Trash after they delete something. So my advice to you, is to check the trash bin and get rid of every unnecessary thing in there.

So these were some of the tips and tricks to clean up your Mac and make it run faster, that I wanted to share with you. A lot of performance depends upon updates and upgrades, so don’t forget to install them. Stay up to date with all the releases.

Hope it helps.

Thanks for reading!

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