How to Record a Conversation on Android: Call Recording Apps for Android

Call Recording Apps for Android
Call Recording Apps for Android

Call Recording Apps for Android: We talk to numerous people throughout the day but once in a blue moon, we come across a conversation where we think, had it been recorded…

Yes, at times, it becomes extremely important to get the conversation recorded for future references especially when we are discussing a lot of numbers, names, or dates. People like me can’t juggle up with a lot of numbers and dates. Call recordings are also required when we are doing business on the phone so as to have recorded proof of our statements.

Unfortunately, Android doesn’t have a built-in voice recorder however, Google Play store has a lot of voice recording apps that can solve the purpose. Most of the phones like Samsung and Nokia have a built-in app to record voice calls in a few of their models.

Services like Google Voice may allow you to record incoming calls but not the outgoing ones. There are a few third-party call recording apps to download, that will help you to record all your incoming and outgoing call records.

Is it Legal to Record a Phone Call?

This article is going to brief you on various call recording apps for Android however it is better to identify if it is legal in your country. The legal laws around recording a call without seeking permission are different in numerous countries. It is recommended to record a call only after seeking permission if you are going to use it for a legal reference or for a business.

Best Call Recording Apps for Android

Automatic Call Recorder

Call Recording Apps for Android
Call Recording Apps for Android

There are numerous call recording apps that appear when you search for the Automatic Call Recorder. There is an authentic call recording app available with the same name. Automatic Call Recorder is the best call recording tool that is available on Google Play Store.

Automatic Call Recorder has got over 100 Million downloads as it works flawlessly. It records all Incoming, Outgoing and even conference calls without any limitations. There are enough settings and options in the app console that can ignore contacts, ignore everything or record everything.

  • Calls are recorded and live in your inbox for a month however if your find something important, you can go ahead and save the call recording or share it on email or any other platform.
  • You can also create and login to your cloud storage account to keep the calls there for a longer duration and save space on your device.
  • The paid version has got added features to automatically save the calls of selected users or unknown callers.
  • You can choose between the regular and the dark theme according to your preference.
  • There is an inbuilt player that can play the call recording within the app.

Auto Call Recorder

Call Recording Apps for Android
Call Recording Apps for Android

The next best phone call recording apps to download is Auto call Recorder. It is a free call recording application that installs on external storage and records all the incoming and outgoing calls on your device. Auto Call Recorder has got all the default recording options as available in the Automatic Call Recorder however the best part is it doesn’t take any space on your phone storage.

  • You can view, sort, organize and list calls by time, group, names or by dates.
  • You can also set it to directly save your call recordings on Google Drive.
  • It auto deletes unsaved call records after 1 or 2 weeks as customized.
  • It also allows you to block a number directly from the application.
  • It asks immediately after the call if you wish to save the recorded conversation.
  • You can directly share recorded calls on email Dropbox, Google, Skype, Facebook, etc.

Call Recorder – CallsBox

Call Recording Apps for Android
Call Recording Apps for Android

This is again one of the best call recorders for Android that you can use as one of your favourite phone call recording apps in 2020. Call Recorder CallsBox is an automatic call recording app and can record unlimited inbound and outbound call recordings without any limitations. Apart from the features listed above, the best part of this call recorder app is that this is spam free and has got a user-friendly interface.

  • Sync with Google Drive or Dropbox to save directly on the cloud space.
  • The application has got an inbuild privacy protection to open with a PIN.
  • Call Recorder records call with the name for the saved contacts or by number.
  • Has got a feature of ‘Shake to Record’ to avoid unwanted calls getting recorded.
  • Sort recorded calls by name, date, size, time or duration to filter out the junk.
  • Exclude call recording of trusted phone numbers or saved contacts.
  • Set different recording file formats compatible with all the devices.

Summing Up

There are several other call recording apps that can be listed here however we have reviewed, tested and compared the top three call recording apps for Android that can be used in 2020. I believe that a phone call recording app is a must for me to not miss out on any single word what I discussed. I can review the call recordings and figure out the important information out of my conversation. Try out these apps and let us know which one worked the best for you.

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