5 Best GRC Tools in 2023

Best GRC Tools

GRC software enables businesses to automate the whole process of regulating and managing account access. It also assists in the monitoring of risk violations related to SoD.

  • SAP GRC Tools

One of the most popular GRC software is the SAP GRC tools. SAP GRC tools are actively  integrated into various business processes of a growing number of companies. This is due to the fact that the technology allows for the customization of business operations. Leaders frequently use the tool to gain a better understanding of their internal system and govern activities such as business role management, access management, and risk analysis linked to segregation of duties (SOD).

  • Fusion Risk Management

Fusion Risk Management is a Salesforce-based cloud-based operational product that runs on top of Salesforce. By combining data, systems, people, processes, technologies, and more under one environment, the Fusion Framework helps businesses accelerate digital modernization of their governance, risk, and compliance programs.

The application allows users to view their business, goods, and services from the perspective of their customers, resulting in a map of the company’s day-to-day operations. Organizations may detect and visualize linkages based on risks, processes, programs, and third parties using dependency visualization.

  • Reciprocity

Reciprocity is a company with information privacy solutions that are quick, simple, and prescriptive. Compliance, audit, risk, third-party risk, governance, and policy management apps can be managed from a single platform. Your security and compliance teams get a single, integrated experience that shows a company’s overall information security risk.

  • Enablon

The Enablon tool offers excellent automation features that eliminate the need for manual procedures. The product’s interfaces and reporting tools are where it really shines. With the touch of a button, it will analyze your data from the top-down or bottom-up, allowing you to discover high-level trends quickly and precisely. It offers the option to download and export appropriate data sets as spreadsheets, PDFs, or slideshows.

  • IBM OpenPages

IBM OpenPages is a key service and strategic component that spans operational risk, policy and regulation, financial controls administration, and IT governance.  Although any per-user fee may become unmanageable as a team expands, IBM OpenPages provides variable pricing that could be ideal for smaller organizations looking to cut costs.

Wrapping Up

There are quite a few options for using GRC software to decrease the cost of ongoing compliance and control by preventing and identifying access and permission hazards in cross-enterprise systems. However, our favorite choice is the SAP GRC tools which lower the time it takes to identify, rectify, and authorize access across many IT systems due to its integrated risk analysis and workflow engine.

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