Best Cool sculpting machine at home for girls (Fat freezer)

Cool Sculpting machine

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Treatment principles

Frozen Fat Breakdown is a new technology that reduces fat cells through the use of controlled, non-invasive cooling. In this process, the fat cells are briefly frozen to remove the unwanted fat. It provides strong cooling energy to the treatment area, to make the fat cells crystallize, and then achieve the apoptosis of the fat cells. The treated fat cells die and are then naturally dropped from the body. The device can freely adjust the temperature and pressure to provide cold treatment as needed and prevent the skin from freezing. You can resume your normal activities once you undergo treatment. So it must try best at home Cool sculpting machine.

Controlled cooling only affects fat cells and does not harm other cells and tissues in the body. It is a non-surgical tool and will not cause side effects like medication. It can precisely adjust the temperature (-2 ℃ -12) and pressure (max 45kpa) to provide cooling energy for subcutaneous fat cells, which can be adjusted according to your needs.

Equipped with an LCD screen, the interface is clearly visible.

Treatment time

The timing of treatment depends on the part of the body being treated and the individual skin condition.Our recommendations regarding treatment time for different body parts are as follows:

Relatively wide body parts (such as abdomen, small belly, thighs, etc.) range from 40 to 60 minutes at a time.

Tighten body parts for 20 to 30 minutes.Advantages of vacuum-assisted technology


The accumulation of fat cells under the skin allows a specific cooling process to be more efficient.


This is because the controlled cooling energy is close to the energy source and only affects fat cells and does not harm other cells and tissues.

Reducing pain

A special vacuum system triggers skin reactions and pressure receptors to prevent pain transmission.

Celtic Cool Sculpting machine has been described as lipolysis for subcutaneous, thighs, abdomen, and sides of the BMI, or “love affair”.

This procedure aims to change the appearance of the treatment area by providing controlled cooling to the affected skin to break down the fat cells under the skin.

Cool sculpting is the process of removing fat cells in the cold (up to 4 degrees Celsius) to target fat cells under the skin slowly and efficiently.

The treated fat cells crystalline, then die and leave the body in the process of natural elimination, thus changing body shape.

Cool Sculpting uses a vacuum suction indicator to draw flexible oil between different cooling devices. This restriction limits the process in fat areas.

So must try this one as this will really reduce your fat and gives you a full satisfaction. You can easily use it at your home.

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