Top 10 Cloud Security Companies in the UK in 2023

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Are you looking for the best 10 cloud security companies in the UK? There are quite a few really good cyber security companies in the UK, but which ones are truly the best when it comes to the cloud? Let’s find out!

1. Microminder


Microminder is one of the UK’s top cybersecurity companies. The company offers comprehensive cybersecurity and has been in operation for several decades, with an impressive catalogue of satisfied clients.

Microminder offers a number of products cutting across different focus areas, including cloud security. These include cloud threat intelligence, penetration testing, incident response and much more.

To learn more about Microminder, book an appointment with a Microminder expert today.

2. Claranet

2. Claranet

Claranet is a London-based technology services provider with expertise in cloud computing, with additional offices in Gloucester, Warrington, and Leeds. The company offers a suite of cybersecurity solutions designed to help businesses protect their data and improve their IT processes. Claranet also offers managed cybersecurity and cybersecurity training.

3. Sentry Bay

Sentry Bay

Sentry Bay is a global IT services company with offices in London, North Carolina, and Melbourne. The company offers a number of cybersecurity solutions, with a strong focus on cloud security. Some specific cloud solutions the company offers include protection for VDI endpoints, thin clients, zero-trust remote working environments, and so on.

4. Trend Micro

Trend Micro

Trend Micro is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, but offers highly rated IT services to the UK market, through its London office. The company’s major products include enterprise cloud security, antivirus software, data protection, and many more. Trend Micro also offers managed cyber threat detection and support, and consulting.

5. Sophos


Sophos is a global cybersecurity solutions provider with its corporate headquarters in London. The company offers a range of solutions including antivirus software, firewalls, endpoint security and data encryption that all help to protect businesses from online threats. Sophos has been in operation for close to 40 years, demonstrating the depth of its expertise.

6. Jaw Consulting UK

Jaw Consulting UK

JAW Consulting operates out of Paddington, London, offering cybersecurity and other IT services to the UK market. Their main products and solutions include data protection, access control, incident monitoring and response, and more. The company has cloud security as one of its focus areas and boasts that it employs some of the best cybersecurity experts in the UK.

7. ANS Group

ANS Group

ANS Group is a UK-based IT generalist firm with offices in major UK cities including London, Manchester, and Glasgow. The company offers broad spectrum IT consulting and operational support to companies in a range of industries. These products and services include managed cloud security with a 98% success rate at resolving cybersecurity breaches–as claimed on its website.

8. Proofpoint


Proofpoint is a highly-rated cybersecurity company with its headquarters in the UK. Alongside its other cybersecurity offerings, the company offers advanced cloud protection using its Cloud App Security Broker to help protect against data loss, unauthorized third-party intrusions, account takeovers, and so on.

9. Crowdstrike


CrowdStrike is an innovative US-based cybersecurity company, with a significant presence in the UK and around the world. The company offers a range of cloud protection services that use machine learning and AI  to provide real-time responses to detected threats, with the platform improving its ability to respond to threats with each new incident.

10. Claranet


Claranet is a cloud-focused IT company operating out of London, Gloucester, Warrington, and Leeds, with several offices around Europe, Asia, and the US. Claranet is a market leader in the provision of managed midmarket public cloud services. In addition to its managed IT services, the company also provides training to help make your staff more cyber protection savvy.

What Does Cloud Security Entail?

Cloud security is a niche within cybersecurity that is focused on keeping your systems, users, and data safe while your IT infrastructure is connected within or through a cloud environment.

Breaches of cloud security can lead to data leaks, third-party intrusions, and system takeovers, all of which may have serious legal, reputational, and financial consequences.

Securing a cloud environment involves a few different things. These include encryption, access controls, identity and access management, network security, threat detection and prevention, and incident response.

To maintain the highest levels of cloud security, organizations should undertake thorough threat assessments complete with penetration testing at regular intervals, ensure that staff are adequately trained, and have an incident response SOP in place.

These are all things a top cloud security company like Microminder can help you with.

How to Choose the Best Cloud Security Companies in the UK to Work With

We’ve just shared a list of the top 10 cloud security companies in the UK. The question you might now have, though, is which one should you work with? Here are some factors to consider:

Area of Expertise

Cloud security is a slightly broad field so you should evaluate potential cloud security providers by how well they match your needs. You can use this list as a guide and then get in touch with companies you’re interested in to learn more about what they do and how they work.


Cloud computing in general is a rapidly evolving field. This means the best experts have to engage in continued learning in order to stay abreast of best practices.


Cybersecurity firms generally charge different fees. You might find that larger companies may charge a lot more for the same service, which would be inefficient if you’re a smaller business on a budget. So as you sift through potential cloud security service providers, keep in mind that you might be able to get the same quality of service for much cheaper.

Getting Started With Cloud Security

Now that we’ve shared our compilation of the top cloud security companies in the UK along with some tips on how to pick the right company, you can go on and contact these companies to explore the ways they can help shore up your cloud protection. If you’d like a recommendation, we say Microminder is an excellent company to work with, as it offers a full range of comprehensive cloud security suitable for companies of all sizes.

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