AssureSign vs. DocuSign

AssureSign vs. DocuSign

AssureSign vs. DocuSign

Every small or large business owner wants to speed up the process related to signing important contracts. There are different ways to accelerate the negotiation and execution processes. One of them is to take advantage of the eSignature software. Utilizing this tool, you will be able to complete the deal safely and without unnecessary waiting, which is extremely important.

Given the advances in technology, we can assume that eSignature software will enjoy increased demand. Recent studies confirm that the e-signature market will grow significantly by 2030.

There are two popular electronic signature software products available today in the market. So let us take a look and compare AssureSign vs. DocuSign. We recommend becoming familiar with the main features that these tools offer. 

DocuSign: Software Features 

The tool was developed in 2003. It was designed to help companies manage electronic documents. Since 2018, DocuSign has been publicly available. The software is used by millions of users in about 200 countries. 

It’s the best tool you can use when you have to deal with electronic signatures and cloud-based documents. This robust solution significantly speeds up the process of effective contract management. The program supports the operations of large and small companies. The advantage is that individuals can also use DocuSign and take advantage of the many free features. 

DocuSign provides all means to ensure a simple and efficient process for signing and sending documents. Users can appreciate and take advantage of the following features:

  • contract lifecycle management;
  • forms management;
  • reporting functions;
  • data transfer.

This software features such a great innovation as the agreement cloud. Customers have the possibility to use the automation process, as well as connect the approval procedure. There are about 400 ready-to-use integrations in the solution cloud. 

An advantage that many customers like is the free trial. For 30 days, the tool can be used free of charge. After that, a paid subscription will be required. This is enough time to explore the features of the software. You will be able to determine whether the tool is right for you.

AssureSign: Software Features 

AssureSign is a software developed by Third Party Verification, Inc. It was made in 2006. It is an excellent tool that is used for electronic signatures. It helps small and large enterprises to implement the process of automation in the document workflow. 

Users can appreciate quick access to the features, so the tool can be used regardless of location. One of the advantages is the availability of a mobile application that can be installed on a mobile device. The software can also be installed on a PC.

With AssureSign, you can quickly sign documents and provide signing by many parties. This way, it reduces the workload of the company’s employees and speeds up transactions. The innovative e-signature solution has many features. The major ones include:

  • account statistics;
  • logo customization;
  • signature notifications.

With this software, it is easy to send, manage and track business documents. When creating and building up customer relationships, you can personalize opportunities and offers for all customers. Everyone can customize the process based on requirements, standards, company needs, and style.

AssureSign and DocuSign: Differences

AssureSign and DocuSign are designed to help businesses manage document flow and digital signatures. There are certain differences between these software products that you should be aware of before choosing a suitable tool. These software poroducts are supported on different platforms and operate in different industries. 

AssureSign is focused on insurance companies and the IT field. DocuSign is aimed at banking and real estate. At the same time, they offer specific solutions for each industry. These tools enjoy great popularity, just like PandaDoc. Most people choose DocuSign because they are confident in the operation of this software system. 

AssureSign gets higher ratings because it provides the possibility to collect electronic signatures on mobile devices. This is very convenient because customers can follow the document signing process regardless of their location. 

AssureSign and DocuSign share a core feature that provides customers with secure electronic signature software. AssureSign provides guarantees that customers can sign documents regardless of location. The electronic signing of documents is very simple compared to other similar tools. It requires a few steps and following the prompts.

DocuSign in turn enables employees to send documents from any location using online platforms or adaptive mobile apps. Such a tool has a free signature offered every time. 

Contract management is always a challenging task for any kind of company, be it a small or large business. Business owners look for essential and efficient solutions to ensure smooth operations without losses. This involves tracking progress, signing documents digitally, and making sure everything gets done on time. The review of AssureSign and DocuSign will help you to figure out which of these two innovative tools is the right option for you.

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