5 Steps To Repair Frayed Cords

Repair Frayed Cords

The number of electronic devices and appliances we use in our daily lives is rapidly increasing. There is almost an electrical appliance that aids in performing simple to complicated tasks every day. However, more electronic devices also mean more power cords and cables. Whether it’s a smart TV, laptop, or smartphone, it will have a power/charging source. The problem with power cords and charger cables is that they go through hell. Like literally, all the twisting and yanking may cause them to fray. So, here are five simple steps and ways to repair any frayed cords.

  • Electrical Tape

The first and foremost method to repair a frayed power cord with little to no additional tools is by using electrical tape. You can get a decent quality electrical tape ranging between 1 and 5 dollars. So, with a few minutes in hand, you can fix that charger cable. However, using electrical tape to repair a frayed power cord may not look good or last long, despite being cost-effective. Firstly, start wrapping the electrical tape to the frayed region of the cable and move along until the other edge. That way, you can cover the damaged part, protecting the internal wires from further damage, and reinforce the power cord. Make sure to wrap a few extra rounds at the frayed edge of the cable to secure it properly.

  • Sugru

Here’s one of the most efficient ways of fixing frayed power cords. Sugru is nothing but a putty-like substance you can mould and transform into any shape, similar to clay or play-dough. When dried, Sugru becomes hard rubber-like and remains in the condition you have set it earlier. So, you can use Sugru to develop it in the shape of the power cord and let it dry for at least 24 hours. Moulding Sugru on the frayed part of the cord will indeed prevent it from further damage, and you can rest assured. The best part is that the cable remains flexible even after the Sugru dries. However, Sugru may not be a highly cost-efficient way since it ranges from 9$ to 12$.

Repair Frayed Cords

  • Heat Shrink

Ok, so the following method may not be as simple as the other two mentioned above, but it certainly is one of the most reliable methods to fix frayed cords. You can find heat shrink tubes in various diameters and sizes. You can pick one that suits your damaged line. Slide the shrink tube over the power cord and place it on the frayed part. Then using a heat gun or a hairdryer, heat the shrink tube for a few minutes. As the name suggests, the box shrinks to the size of the cord when heated and holds it in place tightly. You will not have to compromise on the flexibility of the cable too. Heat shrink can be the best method to fix a damaged cord, provided you use the appropriate size.

  • DIY Spring Fix

Although every method mentioned in this article is straightforward to execute, the following process is the simplest. The best part is that you would only need a spring to fix and prevent your power cord from fraying. Firstly, grab a spring from a retractable pen and wrap it over the damaged part of the power cord. That way, the spring will limit further curling and fraying of the power cord and also prevent it from external damage up to an extent. However, the DIY spring fix may not be the most reliable method to fix frayed cords. But hey, when your options are limited, make the best out of the situation with whatever you have. You can also combine the DIY spring method with heat shrink casing as an added measure. Once you’ve covered the damaged part of the cord with spring, place the shrink tube on the spring and heat it. That way, the damaged cord gets more grip and protection.

  • Cable Protectors

Nobody likes frayed cables, and yet somehow, everyone ends up with one at least. Power cords get frayed due to the everyday wear and tear that happens in the most vulnerable places. Using a cable protector for power cords is both a fix and a prevention for cables from fraying and breaking. Cable protectors wrap around the cord at the tail of the connectors that experience the most yanking and twisting and are vulnerable. They keep the ends of the power cords straight and prevent any fraying. You can cover the frayed part of the power cord with a cable protector, and rest assured about its safety. However, the only downside to cable protectors is that they can be an expensive option. But if you don’t have to worry about the budget, secure your beloved charger cables using the cable protectors.

Repair Frayed Cords

Final Thoughts

Those were the five easy and practical ways you can fix your frayed power cords. Repairing the damaged cables work temporarily, but you must not consider it as a long-term fix. It’s better to replace a power cord when it is too damaged and unsafe to use. Using a damaged power cord may increase the chances of fire and electrical hazards, so bear that in mind. You must also follow the necessary precautions and preserve your power cords against fraying and damage. Storing the cables neatly and unplugging them using only the connectors may increase their lifespan significantly.

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