Why Your Club Needs Sports Management Software

Sports Management Software

A sports management system will take your club into the future, providing  a single stand-alone system to deal with all areas of management, increase efficiency and save the club time and money.  A high functioning sports management system like Perfect Minds not only streamlines the management function but provides a customer database, personal access for members, co-ordinates all billing and payments and simplifies marketing functions.

Sports Management Software

As well as providing increased avenues for communicating with clients, sports management software creates an automated customer database which is linked to your online marketing tools.  This database can also be utilised to build your membership and client list, and with the bulk email and SMS functions allows seamless distribution of notifications, events, newsletters and more.

Invoicing is automated within the system, reducing costs on multiple software that performs only one function.  It can also be used for Point of Sale for merchandise, café sales, or one off visitor payments. Billing and charges for reservations, membership fees of different types, school bookings and more can be regulated and monitored. The sports management software system also incorporates a calendar and booking applications for events and fundraising.

Customised for your club, a sports management software package allows members to access all relevant information, make booking changes or transfer classes online.  Sports team players and coaches can quickly and easily access player availability ensuring a full team for every game.  They can also see game schedules in advance and monitor league management online, guaranteeing draws are correct, and knowing where each team is placed in the rankings.  You can create single or recurring practice sessions, classes, drop in facilities and programs. The system will alert you if there is any conflict in scheduling.

The customer portal allows clients to book themselves into classes and manage their own fitness timetables.  They can also access staff members and make enquiries.  All the information they need to know is available at a touch, allowing a more engaged community.  The function of your club is easier with stats, data and analysis.  Sports management software will let you know which programmes are popular, which times are the most attended and where and when your clients are favouring. Membership summaries can be kept on the system. Clients can also be better managed and reached out to, to ensure your club is meeting their expectations and needs.  A more personal approach is achievable, making your members feel valued and their fitness needs a priority.

Teaching new staff members how to operate software is less time consuming when all systems are incorporated into the one programme.  Keeping track of your staff skill levels, and identifying any missing areas of expertise via a skill tracker is one of the programme options.

It has never been easier to stay at the forefront of technology, with advanced sports management software allowing a streamlined and active approach to all aspects of the organisation and functions of your Sports Club.

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