How to get a license for starting a shooting range? 

How to get a license for starting a shooting range? 

Shooting has been a very popular but dangerous sport.  The nature of shooting is about making safety the primary need. Shooting has to be only done in a range because elsewhere it would be dangerous and against the law. There are specific places that require special techniques and safety arrangements to call a shooting range. In India won need a license while dealing with firearms and license to start a shooting range where these firearms can be used. Here we are going to talk about how to open obtain such a license.

Types of shooting range

There are two types of shooting ranges one is Range which is enclosed with baffles and is very common in recent times. Such ranges have Sound-absorbing Technology with padded walls and specific places to practice shooting. These ranges have to be well ventilated and not suitable for long-distance shooting. The other outdoor shooting located in a valley or some open area quite far from the city and requires a lot more area. The safety one needs to be constructed behind every target line so the best shots and other shots just hit the wall.


The Arms rules 2016 talks about the requirement of a license for shooting range under its rule 38. Search license events technical and safety standards as set by the central government. There has not been any notification as such but one exception is Indoor ranges up to 10 meters that are used for target practice of air pistols and air Rifles.

 Requirements for the owner

Safety and technical standards are to be maintained. The owner of the range must have financial arrangements to meet any injury or damage claims required by the Third-party Insurance covers for bank guarantees or bond requirements. The exception to this the ranges owned by military Central armed police forces and state police departments. A shooting range can only process the number of arms that are allowed in the license or which quantity this should also have inventory that is to be maintained properly. Search inventory is to record all the ammunition that is required for the usage by the range and the registered members of their range.


Some bodies need to inspect the ranges which are affiliated to them at regular intervals to make sure there is strict adherence of safety standards it down for the shooting ranges. The licensing authority has to check the Ranges under its jurisdiction at regular intervals to ensure your technical and security adherence which applies to such Rangers.

 Certifying body

A notification released in the gazette of India on 4th August 2014 states about various certifying bodies of different entities. According to this the certifying body for the shooting range will be the sports Authority of India, sports authority of the state government, and National Rifle Association of India.

To start a shooting range there should be correct paperwork and needs to be approved by all the authorities and sanctioned by the respective affiliated body. There are basic requirements that need to be fulfilled to obtain the license and start with the shooting range.

The license can only be acquired after fulfilling the necessary conditions to start the range and should be safe also meet the conditions as prescribed by the government. Legal usage of guns for recreational sports purposes is mandatory as introduced in 2016. And the license for a place where the shooting will be practiced should also be licensed as under rule 38.

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