Importance of Link Building for SEO Strategy

Importance of Link Building for SEO Strategy

In today’s competitive marketplace, SEO has become more critical than ever. From improving website visibility to creating brand awareness, almost every marketer wants to optimize the search engine’s web page. However, SEO can be a little tricky and complicated to execute. You would come across more than 200 ranking factors, evolving algorithms, and new Google updates. In all the business hustle-bustle, keeping up with SEO can be pretty challenging, that is why business owners hire professional SEO consulting companies to do the task.

Surprisingly, some fundamental know-how of SEO practices can help you develop an excellent SEO strategy. Instead of checking the Panda and Penguin updates, you have to stick to the top-most-ranking factor, such as link building. Many marketers think link building is dead, but it is still the best way to improve search visibility. Backlinks help search engine bots to crawl to a website readily, leading to better indexing. Similarly, it elevates the credibility of websites because other pages are citing them.

Are you familiar with link building? If not, let us show you the ropes. Here is everything you should know about link building and its importance for SEO.

What is Link Building?

In simple words, link building is about getting other webpages to insert a hyperlink to your website. It helps visitors navigate between pages on the internet, improving the website’s traffic flow. Simultaneously, Google spiders can use these bots to crawl through individual pages, drive referral traffic, and increase the site’s authority.

Usually, there are two ways to go about it. You can either build inbound links by linking within the same domain, your website. Otherwise, try earning some backlinks from other webpages. In addition to increasing the number of backlinks, focus on their quality. You can leverage free SEO tools to determine if links are coming from credible websites. In case you have paid or spammy links coming to your site, remove them immediately before Google penalizes the entire website. Here are some tips to earn high-quality backlinks.

How to Earn Links?

There are a few essential aspects to consider when building links. First, you should know all links created won’t be equal. While some will have a high domain score, others page authoritativeness will be high. Likewise, you have to pull data and traffic stats of every site to ensure it is worth adding a backlink on that webpage. Here are different strategies to earn high-quality links.

  • Guest Blogging: Unique and compelling content encourages others to link to your site. Hence, write up blog posts and articles to increase your ranking potential. You can also promote the content through email or on social media so that more people can find it.
  • Ask for Mentions & Reviews: Every brand must put itself in front of the industry leaders and influencers who can mention your brand on public forums. You can link these mentions to your website and direct people towards your webpage.
  • Reach Out to Site Owners: Do you have networks in the industry? You can reach out to fellow bloggers or marketers and request them for a link to your webpage. In return, you can do the same for their brand by adding their backlink to your blog.

To help you understand better, here we are highlighting the importance of link-building:

1. Improves Search Visibility

Link-building is a crucial component in determining your position on the search results. The more links are coming to your site, the higher will be your search rankings. After all, links are like a signal to Google that your webpage is a quality resource worthy of citation. However, the location of these links greatly matters to the search engines now. Thus, you have to invest in a quality link-building strategy; meaning, all your links should be coming from authoritative and trustworthy sites. Instead of outsmarting Google, adhere to Google’s guidelines, and your rankings will automatically increase.

2. Complements Other Marketing Activities

Unsurprisingly, link building isn’t a singular marketing strategy; instead, it complements every other digital marketing campaign. You can align it with a content marketing strategy to provide valuable content to customers. Likewise, you can utilize links as a resource to build a strong brand presence within the industry. Moreover, these links create a user-centric mindset that increases referral traffic. These are the people that have a genuine interest in your offerings, improving the conversion prospects.

3. Provides Organic Exposure

An SEO white-hat link-building campaign requires the publisher, i.e., the brand, to be authoritative and trustworthy. You have to reflect these two qualities through your content strategy to enjoy organic exposure. Usually, quality websites have their community that reads, engages, and shares its content. If you don’t have your community, think about getting your content published on such blogs. It will introduce your company to a whole new chunk of the audience while building your organic exposure.

4. Enhances Backlink Profiles

Most marketers don’t delve into the link-building complexities but still get affected by it. After all, you can’t control other site owners who want to link content in their blog. Thus, even if you didn’t have a backlink strategy in the past, there might be several backlinks coming to your webpage. And if somehow your site has a link from PBN, your rankings will drastically decrease. The private blog networks (PBN) consist of low-quality links that manipulate search engine rankings. Hence, you have to kickstart your link-building campaign with an SEO audit to clean up spammy links. You can also implement practices to earn high-quality backlinks and improve your profile.

5. Develops Digital Relationships

With increasing cyber threats and fraud online, it is arduous to develop trust in the digital world. So, how can you establish loyalty in the digital markets? Nowadays, users care a lot about reviews, Google rankings, and how many times they have seen or heard your company. Luckily, by committing to a link-building strategy, your brand will frequently appear on sites within your niche. You can have a presence on online directors or request mentions on customer reviews. In addition to giving your brand more exposure, it will reflect your brand as a reliable company.

Wrapping Up

Truthfully, an SEO strategy is incomplete without quality links. Whether inbound or outbound, every website should have a sufficient number of high-quality links coming to their site. It leaves a lasting impression on Google, enables indexing, and improves overall website rankings. Similarly, links give the brand more exposure and better visibility, directing traffic towards their website.

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