How to Find and Fix Your Website’s Flaws With Site Optimization

Landing Page

So your web traffic has been down, your bounce rate has been annoying, and no one has been paying attention to your blog post. Your product or service is the best, so why has the world not yet discovered your genius? It couldn’t be you; it must be their problem!

In the digital age, it is never that simple. If you are are having trouble with your web traffic, your bounce rate, your conversion rate, and the overall performance of your website, there just might be a site optimization problem. When evaluating site optimization, you should understand that website optimization is never about any single component, but a myriad of factors. Therefore, when looking for flaws within website optimization, one should go down a checklist.

Landing Page

Landing Page

Your landing page is the first step in your website visitors’ user experience. Landing page optimization is an art in itself. It is important to have good visual content with a good hero image or video. It is also important to have excellent written content.

In the past, one could get away with having poorly written content by simply adding lots of popular keywords in order to drive up search results. Those days are over. Google, Bing, and other search engines have raised their standards in order to reduce bounce rates. Therefore, bad content and irrelevant keywords are no longer acceptable and violators can be denied access to the benefits of the most popular search engines. Because website visitors might not want to do a lot of reading to get to their ultimate goal, only the best content with the most relevant keywords should be added to the landing page.

One never wants to create a bad user experience, so page optimization also includes reasonable page speed and load times. If your page load speed is too slow, there may be a problem with the video content or other high-data aspects of your website.

SEO Tools

SEO Tools

In addition to the written content of the landing page and other pages on the website, the written content for tags, title tags, meta tags, descriptions, a great URL, great page titles, and other SEO tools are also of critical importance. The registration forms that are filled out for Google, YouTube, and other social media platforms have all sorts of form fields that can be very useful for engine optimizing. There is a lot of keyword research involved in completing these fields in a way that gives one an advantage over the competition and drives up the Moz DA rating. It would behoove serious entrepreneurs to hire the services of experts in search engine optimization, Google Analytics, keyword research, and other related fields.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is really part of the art of sales. The landing page, the headline, hero image, video content, call to action, shopping cart, and sell button are part of a sales funnel that leads to that final close. The ultimate goal is to drive website visitors to some type of close, so unless your business model involves a free service, like Facebook, it is better to always have the call to action and sales funnel in mind.


The proper use of backlinks should also be part of your best practices. Your web page is part of a much larger web, the worldwide network. As part of a network, your ability to network with other web pages is an invaluable factor in your web site performance. Understanding your demographic target audience will help you to access the right businesses with which you can create synergy.

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