How should a business website be designed to lead to its demise?

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The argument of having or not having a website doesn’t exist anymore; your business needs to compulsorily have a website that is developed through custom web development to fulfil the specific needs of your business and customers at the same time.

Consumer trends have changed over the years, and the introduction of pandemics has had a significant impact on people’s shopping habits. Nowadays, getting things done at the tap of a finger while sitting at home has become a perpetual thing for many people.

Therefore, you are required to provide them with a medium by which they can reach your services without physically moving out of their place, and that medium is none other than a responsive website.

However, the website also needs to have certain features, without which the user will lose interest in it and will never be likely to visit again. Listed below are some points. If your website fulfils these, then congratulation, you are taking your business towards a downfall:

  • Awful User Interface

The best identity of a website that can lose a user interest at the first go has a terrible user interface design. A website that does not look appealing to users fails to win their trust. Moreover, users would never revisit a website that looks pleasant to their eyes; they are most likely to consider it fraudulent. Therefore, if you want to keep up with your design, well and suitable. Otherwise, if you’re going to outshine your competitors, you need to switch to a website with an appealing user interface design developed by adopting custom web development techniques.

  • Not Responsive At All

The responsiveness of a website is its ability to adapt to different screen sizes. A website needs to fit appropriately in all screen sizes in which it is viewed. Suppose you have a website that does not adjust its components according to the screen size. In that case, it is another factor leading your business to its demise, because these days, most people use their mobile phones to browse the internet, as it is a handy option over laptops or desktops.

  • Slow Loading Time

The average threshold time until the users wait to load a website is a maximum of 2 or 3 seconds. Nobody praises or waits for a website that takes ages to load. Since, you see, in this fast-moving world, no one has got time to wait for a website to load, as there are several thousands of alternatives present on the internet that are offering the same services and products like yours. Therefore, users switch to another website without giving it a second thought.

  • Horrendous User Experience

How would you feel when you visit a website, like a product, open its product page to look at its pictures, but there is no picture, just plain description text? You will feel like you have been tricked. Users will also feel the same when they visit your website, and the website doesn’t function according to their expectations. So it is essential to implement the functions that users expect from a website to do when they take specific actions, which can only be possible through custom web development.

  • Contact Forms Without Functions

Contact forms are the only medium on the website through which users can reach out to your business. These are very helpful in taking user feedback, solving their queries, providing the required information and much more. All in all, it helps in building users’ trust for the business. However, inactive contact forms will end this communication; users will never be able to solve their doubts and thereby, they are less likely to make a purchase.   

You must have heard about the term SEO, Search Engine Optimization. It is a technique that focuses on optimizing a website and its content to rank high in search engine results to increase users’ traffic and thereby take a website towards its conversion goals.

This approach is based on several criteria defined by a search engine and decreases the rank of a website, moving it towards the top. Therefore, even if you are doing good with all the above stated points but not doing the SEO, the day is not far when your business will be lost in the herd of thousands. 

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