Things to Consider before You Build an ADU

Adding ADUs to your existing property is one of the best ways for you to expand the use value of the property. You can welcome more tenants to your property, and you can also profit more from your property business if you plan to rent the property out. Learn how to add 25% more units to your existing building with an accessory dwelling unit here.

Here are some things to consider before you build an ADU:

  1. Check for Your Eligibility to Build an ADU

In some states, you can’t just build an ADU without obtaining the government’s permission first. Your ADU will be subject to an inspection to see if you follow the safety requirements for ADUs, and you also need to ensure that it can withstand earthquakes. So, the first thing you need to do is to check for your eligibility to build an ADU in your area.

Ask the licensed professionals in seismic retrofitting to know about how to build a safe accessory dwelling unit that can protect the tenants during an earthquake. Then follow the retrofitting plan whenever necessary.

  1. Keep Privacy a Priority

You will need to use a spare space or area around your house or building to build an ADU. However, it’s important for you to keep privacy a priority for those living in it. Your accessory dwelling units might be too close to the other rooms around your house, or it might even be too close to the important areas of your house, such as the living room.

You need to think about the privacy in the accessory dwelling unit itself, along with the privacy of the other family members or tenants living in the other rooms. You need to build the ADU so that it allows every tenant to enjoy their privacy to the fullest.

  1. Keep Easy Access to Other Parts of the Building

Building an ADU can also cause you to lose access to certain parts of the house or building, as it is blocking the way to the existing access way, corridor, and so on. You need to think this through before deciding to build an ADU in your house or building area. It’s important for you to keep easy access to other parts of the building.

You need to create a new access path to the other parts of the building if your ADUs are blocking the way of existing access paths. Also, it’s important to keep the ADU construction in line with your seismic retrofitting plan, so you can ensure that the ADUs and the alternative access path can withstand an earthquake when it happens.


These are the things to consider before you build an ADU. Adding an accessory dwelling unit to your home or building can give you plenty of benefits, allowing you to welcome more tenants in your property. However, you also need to think about various important things before you can begin the construction process of the ADUs. These tips can help you go in the right direction when you decide to build an ADU to your existing property.

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