The Key Landscaping Mistakes You Should Avoid


Although mistakes can be fixed, why not try and avoid them? Mistakes with landscaping are pretty common, so it is vital for people who wish to do it properly, educate themselves on a few of the key mistakes before beginning the work. We are here to tell the most common ones so that you avoid them.

  1. Planting Without any Plan

Lots of people get excited about their landscaping project and dismiss making a plan. They simply dive into digging and planting. Without a proper plan, you may risk running into problems with design, colors, space, and flow. So, have a plan before planting. Read the tags of the plants, research online for your choices, or speak with landscaping companies Calgary about what you. Wish to plant.

  1. Plant Crowding

Plant crowding is something that we see very frequently. People often get too excited to plant and forget to consider the fact that they will. Grow bigger with time, leading to plant crowding. So, ensure that the plants get enough space between all of them to thrive and grow. IF plants are very close, they may miss out on water and sunlight, making them perish. Stay composed and make your plant selection carefully. Show a little self-restraint to get nicer results!

  1. Planting Evergreens Only

Evergreens are great but that does not mean that you should cover the whole yard with them. It will offer your landscape a monochrome appearance and will not boost the curb appeal of your house. It is mainly important if you want to sell your house in the future. All of us like the green color, but it should not be the single color you turn to during landscaping. Try to add texture and variation by planting the perennials that blossom in different seasons. This will offer your yard a color pop. Use different variations and hues of plants to add texture to your yard and give it a liveliness.

  1. Position Plants According to their Growth Potential and For Best Display

Keep in mind to plant in oodles instead of hodge-podge. Let us assume that you purchase some red salvia flats. You will get a better impact by planting them together instead of planting them separately at distances.  When planting, always consider the role of sunshine in improving a view. A few plants look great only when the sunshine comes at them, while others come into their style when back-lit.

  1. Overdoing It

A botanical garden is simple and gorgeous on the eyes; however, that does not mean that you replicate the lavish look out of your house. You may wish to get the year admired, but it is great to stick with the look that is classy and tasteful. Live by everything in moderation whether it is shrubs or flowers, suggest the acreage landscaping Calgary experts.

  1. Neglecting Hedge Trimming

Growing hedges can partition a portion of your landscape from another or even set a home off from the property of your neighbor. But neglecting the hedge trimming isn’t a good idea as it can go out of control. The solution is trimming or shearing the hedge. To make shearing simpler, use a power hedger. While trimming the hedge shrubs, look between them also to check out for weeds. For your hedge to grow optimally and look its best, keep it weed-free. Ensure t not let baby trees grow in the hedgerow.

  1. Planting Mulch Very Close To Your House

Mulch can offer a great finishing touch to the landscaping, but professional landscape contractors caution people about placing it very close to the house’s foundation. A thick mulch layer can result in moisture that can attract lots of insects like carpenter ants and termites. There are alternatives available for mulch like pumice rock or pea gravel. Ensure to allow drainage in the right way so that you minimize the risks of drawing invasive inspects.

  1. Focusing on A Single Season Only

This happens with most of us. We select plants that flower or blossom in specific seasons only. This makes the garden peak only at a specific time of the year. So, your garden lacks color and diversity at other times. So, to make sure that the backyard flourishes all around the year, it is good to mix plants so that they flourish and suit all the seasons.

  1. Under or Over Fertilizing

Fertilization is the trick that is hard to do perfectly. Insufficient nourishment can damage the lawn while too much of it can burn the grass. The best thing that can be done in this situation is researching which products can preserve and protect the landscape. Then you should stick to a fertilization schedule regularly.

  1. Planting Trees in Dangerous Areas

The front yard landscaping experts suggest avoiding plantation tall and wide trees in front or close to your house. Trees very close to your house can block natural light and do structural damages too. A few trees have very strong roots that can damage the foundation of your pools, patios, houses, and decks. Therefore, it is vital to consider the kinds of trees that you are planting during the planning stage only. Rather than selecting big trees that grow wide and big, select small feature shrubs or tress that will create some shade for you without taking lots of space like maples, and magnolias.

A landscaping project can be scary and intimidating initially but find out a plan at first and avoiding the above-mentioned mistakes can help you successfully go through the whole process.

Whether you’re in the early stage of designing a backyard or want to freshen up your alfresco, avoiding these landscaping mistakes can assist you to make an ultimate exterior space. If it looks like a lot to take up for you, then you can contact the landscaping experts to do it for you.

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