Lab Grown Diamonds in India and how they are better than Natural diamonds


Lab grown diamonds in India have changed the future of the diamond industry. Lab grown diamonds or Synthetic diamonds are the ones that are grown in a lab under the supervision of experts.

Lab grown diamonds have the potential to shift into a more sustainable way of purchasing diamonds. There are customers who want to buy Lab grown diamonds in India, but they don’t have a detailed overview of it. Whether you are a customer or doing retail business regarding diamonds, you should have the knowledge of Lab grow diamonds in India if you are purchasing from the country.

Many people buy diamonds without having any prior information about them and have limited profiting in the future.

If you want to explore and expand your knowledge about Lab made diamonds, you should first know the difference between natural and synthetic diamonds. In case any wholesalers, retailers, or business person wants to sell Lab grown diamonds in India, a clear distinction between Natural vs. Lab Created Diamonds will help gain the customer’s trust.

There can be a clear explanation of the point if we look at Natural vs. Lab Created Diamonds.

Natural vs. Lab Created Diamonds:

  • The difference of origin:

The dominant distinction comes to the part of origination. To define in one line, Natural Diamonds occur naturally on earth while Lab diamonds are grown in a lab.

Over billions of years ago, carbon atoms under intense pressure and heat crystallized. The crystallization that occurred in those specific conditions resulted in the formation of Diamonds.

Another process of formation of Natural Diamonds is due to the tectonic plates of the earth. There is a reaction of carbon and seawater after the movement in the tectonic plates of the crust. Apart from that, heavy asteroid impacts can also result in the formation of diamonds. The natural diamonds that are grown with nature’s creation take several thousand or billion years to form. All the Natural diamonds that is present in our crust are old. There is an establishment of various mining grounds to retrieve these natural diamonds from the earth. We need mining grounds and digging process to get the Natural diamonds because they do not appear on the earth’s surface. After digging them up from those grounds, they shaped. The various processes later, they are available in the market as diamond jewelry or loose diamonds.

Here comes the point distinction of Natural vs. Lab Created Diamonds.

Contrary to the popular misconception, Lab diamonds are Real diamonds. Experts create lab diamonds in a laboratory, as evident from the name itself. There are two methods that experts use to create synthetic diamonds that are HPHT and CVD.


The HPHT method is also known as High Pressure High Temperature. Experts use this method to create high-quality lab diamonds. Here, they use the same technique as the creation of Natural diamonds. They put a diamond seed under intense pressure and temperature.


The CVD method is also known as the Chemical Vapour Deposition. Experts use a CVD chamber in this method to make diamonds. Similar to the previous process, we place a diamond seed in the CVD chamber. But, here comes the difference.

After placing the diamond seed in the chamber, the experts subject the diamond seed to immense heat. And eventually, they fill up the container with gases rich in carbon. These gases break down in the presence of heat and bond with the diamond seed, ultimately creating a CVD diamond.

Even though the creation of Lab diamonds and Natural diamonds are different, they both are real diamonds. For a customer set to buy Lab grown diamonds in India, the method of creation is essential. However, many customers and wholesalers prefer buying from a CVD diamond manufacturer.

The reason being, CVD Diamonds offer a better outcome for diamonds. In the HPHT method, the diamonds can crack due to the immense pressure if they are not grown under strict supervision.

However, the point of origin is not the only reason why a customer will prefer Lab Grown Diamond in India. Many customers and retailers also see it as a sustainable option in comparison to a Natural Diamond.

  • The difference in Sustainability:

As mentioned in the previous points, we need digging and mining to extract natural diamonds from the earth’s surface.

The difference in point of origin of both the diamonds ultimately also leads to the environmental aspects of both.

The kind of environmental impact diamonds has played a huge role for a customer purchasing Lab grown diamonds in India. The prominent reason for that is because India is already suffering from pollution.

A sustainable way of shopping can surely put some reduction in the rates of pollution.

  • Soil erosion:

Mining natural diamonds requires digging the grounds to extract the diamonds. The process of drilling to mine can cause extensive soil erosion. And these mining grounds are not merely located in one place or operated by a company. Sometimes, people also work in artisanal mining to obtain diamonds. In the process of artisanal-scale mining, people work to extract diamonds on their own without being hired by a specific industry.

Hence, the chances of soil erosion increases in the process of Natural Diamond Mining.

Since lab diamonds only require a diamond seed to make the gem, soil erosion decreases significantly. There are various other causes of soil erosion, and if we can eliminate even one of them, it can positively affect our environment.

  • Water pollution:

Mining grounds make use of an enormous amount of water during the extraction process. As you may already know, there is a scarcity of water in many countries.

Apart from that, water pollution affects humans as well as wildlife. An entire ecosystem can be affected by the impacts of water pollution. There are instances where diamond mining has caused the drainage of lakes. That ultimately affects the habitat around that water source.

Apart from soil and water pollution, mining also causes air pollution, where the air quality gets affected due to the process.

  • The price difference:

The ultimate game-changer for buying Lab grown diamonds in India is the price difference. It is one of the factors that customers take into consideration while purchasing any product.

Since Natural Diamond requires a lot of processing, it costs more. On the other hand, lab diamonds are a way more economical way of shopping for diamonds. And since the customers also look for diamonds made in their specific hometowns to contribute to the economy, Lab grown diamonds in India can surely be what they want.

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