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Conscious Life Expo

Our evolving world and varying depth of consciousness have eluded definitions by wise men and women throughout history countless times. They have found that our transforming universe and the reality in which we humans find ourselves is impossible to define simply. However, the tenacious human nature refused defeat and thus came the endless models. Many of these were tossed aside by history, and the survivors have struggled to hold on to their relevance.

However, as the generations have gone by, the models have edged closer to accuracy. Now, it is our generation’s turn to create a model in which our reality and the state of the universe can best be defined or fit into. The task is a very difficult one, so of course, it isn’t all figured out and defined, but with events like The Conscious Life Expo, we are taking the steps necessary to reach our goal. The 2022 Conscious Life Expo Conference is the 20th edition of the event and will be held at the LAX Hilton hotel in Los Angeles.

At this conference, participants will partake in the conscious co-creation of a new world that is based on the new paradigms in spirituality, science, longevity, and which will help build a worldwide relationship that is healthy, loving, and fosters growth and well-being. The Conscious Life Event will create this new model through the authentic self-expression of participants and will also be a passionate celebration of pure love and the gift of life.

This three-day gathering of souls and tribes will celebrate evolution and human consciousness and facilitate a brainstorming session to help participants discover who we are, where we are and where we’re going. To do this, the Conscious Life Expo will feature free and paid lectures, regular and keynote workshops, panel sessions, post-conference events, and many more.

All of these will be hosted by special luminaries from all over the globe, who will offer their unique and visionary perspectives on the various areas of self-awareness and development necessary to advance the self-expression necessary to further our model. Some of these luminaries include Kimberly Meredith, Bashar, Adam Apollo, Caroline Cory, Susanne Wilson, William Henry, Deborah King, Sarh Laron, Billy Carson, Dannion Brinkley, Jimmy Church, and many more.

The Conscious Life Event will also feature five exhibit areas which will hold over 200 exhibition spaces. Every year, the booths are sold out, and the exhibitors are overwhelmed by the large and positive turnout, so it’s always a wise idea to book early and have a space reserved. With an exhibit at the expo, participants can endorse their business and have amazing advertising opportunities for our many speakers and participants.

And of course, one of the highlights of this year’s Conscious Life Expo is our special events. This includes our opening ceremony, “What I believe” with George Noory, the speaker reception with George Noory, and our talent show “Expo’s Got Talent.” These special events are a special experience that is a must-see for all our participants.

We open our arms to people from all over the world to be a part of our community. We also encourage our participants from previous years to feel the love and self-awareness that we intend to impart to our participants by the end of the four-day event. For those who would like to exhibit at the expo and make use of the advertising opportunities it offers, there are still a few left up for grabs on our website, along with tickets for our general conference and special events. We are excited to throw our doors open in February 2022 and take those steps necessary to further our planetary transformation.

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