Protecting Kids From Pornography on the Internet

Protecting Kids From Pornography

Many children are on the internet for multiple hours a day, and as a parent, you may be concerned about what they are seeing. However, there are ways to protect your kids from things like pornography on the internet. Here are a few tricks to take advantage of when you would like to limit what your children are able to see on the web.

Learn Everything You Can

The first step when you wish to protect your little ones from the internet is to know about it yourself. You may want to conduct research on how easy it is to find pornography on the internet and what can be done to prevent this from happening with your kids. There are many apps and websites that might be able to offer advice.

Talk to Them About the Internet

When your child is old enough to surf the internet by themselves, you need to make sure that they know what to expect. You can talk to them about what they should avoid and what is safe. You may also choose to inform them about pornography, and how they should stay away from it. These are things that you can discuss and decide upon as a family, in order for all members to follow the same rules when it comes to going online.

As they get older, you can still talk to your children about where they are visiting online. Have an open dialogue with them, so they will be able to come to you if they are curious about porn or sex and want to understand more. This may be difficult to accept but it is better if they come to you with questions than the internet.

Tell Them Where They Can Visit 

In addition to telling them about the internet, for younger kids, you can discuss which sites they are allowed to visit and which ones they cannot. If need be, you can talk about rules and consequences surrounding the internet, in order to keep them safe. It can also provide them with guidelines, so they know how they should behave.

Install Filters or Parental Controls

You can also opt to add internet browser filters to the family computer or laptop. Additionally, you can set up parental controls for their cell phones, gaming systems, or anywhere else that your children have access to the internet. This may not be able to keep them away from all pornography, but it can make it more difficult for them to accidentally find it online.

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Check Their Devices Regularly

Something else you can consider is checking out your children’s phones from every now and then. Looking at their bookmarks and text messages regularly can ensure that they aren’t checking out pornography sites or pictures. Make sure that your children know that you are examining their devices because you care and not because you want to invade their privacy. Again, when you have set up rules regarding pornography on the internet in your household, your kids should understand what they should be doing and what will happen if they don’t obey the rules set forth.


Keeping kids away from pornography online doesn’t have to be difficult, but it may take some work on your part. You need to talk to your family about what they can do online, what they shouldn’t be doing, and what the consequences will be if they break the rules. You can also look into parental controls, apps, and other tools to help you limit the sites where your kids can browse on the internet.

Of course, perhaps the most important tip to follow is to talk to your kids and make sure they understand what you expect of them, and that the internet can be dangerous. When you are able to talk openly and honestly about the internet, they may have a better understanding and be cautious when they are online.

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