The Most Popular and My Most Favorite Family Christmas Tradition

So, hey guys, I am sure you are all excited for Christmas just like me.  Because Christmas is all about lots of shopping, decoration, cake, cookies, Christmas tree, lights, Santa Claus, lots of gifts, fun, dance, music, lots of celebration, and some family tradition. Yes, just like my family, I am sure your family also have some Christmas tradition. Every country and every family have a special Christmas tradition. I am sure just like my family, your family also have some special tradition. But among all the tradition I have my some of favorite Christmas family traditions.

So, if you also relate with me please share your views. You know whenever I think about Christmas, the first thing that comes into my mind is Santa Claus. Have you remembered, when we use to be a kid, and we believe Santa Claus is in real? And just before one day, of Christmas, we use to write our wishes on the paper and think that Santa Claus will fulfill our wishes. When I growing up, I realized gifts given my real-life Santa Claus like parents, grandparents, and other elder members of the family. But you know, I still believe Santa Claus is in reality. Now, let’s talk about my favorite Christmas family tradition.

My Most Favorite Family Christmas Tradition

Baking cake

The first and most delicious Christmas tradition of my family is baking Christmas cakes together. Just one night before Christmas, all the members of our family come together in our drawing-room. We all seat in a circle on the floor. Mom and grandma give all of us our baking ingredients and baking utensils.

Christmas tradition
Christmas tradition

We all can make a cake according to our tastes and choices. And my mom and grandma bake a special kind of cake, which you never have eaten. And you know, Dad, grandpa, uncle, brother, all the male, and female members of the family bake cake. And between all the children of the family, a competition held. In this, a competition we all have to bake a delicious cake. But in the cake, we have to show our creativity. Basically, in starting a mom teacher all of us how to bake Christmas cakes, and now we teach our younger ones.

Christmas tradition
Christmas tradition

So, mom and grandma used to do all the hard works of baking cake-like mixing and making better. Means she use to guide us, but the decoration we all have to do alone. And we can’t take any help from other family members and the internet or any other type of thing. So it’s totally our natural creativity. And this competition occurs among the elder member of the family also. And you who use to be the judge of this competition, none other than our grandpa.

I use to be my grandpa’s favorite among all the kids. But I didn’t get any benefit from it in my childhood and not yet. Because don’t know who bakes which cakes. And the winner gets a special gift on Christmas Eve.

I am not telling a lie, but yes childhood to till now, I won every year this competition.  And as a special gift, I get a chance to order my favorite online cake and flower delivery in Bangalore. And also, one gift which I want apart from all the Christmas gifts. Let me tell you things because I always won. So, my siblings, cousins, and even elder members start bothering before some days of Christmas. And it’s for ordering their favorite cake this year. Because I always won so I always order Christmas cake online, and of my favorite flavor and design.

Now, I will tell you my most favorite ritual or tradition of the Cake. Don’t worry this is not something else, it is related to cake. According to our Christmas family tradition. The cake we cut at Christmas at midnight will be the winner’s cake. So, I always wanted to win because of this. Yes of course for gifts, my favorite flower, cake. But for this, I always excited most. You know, when the whole family, comes together, and they appreciate and cut my cake, it is just an indescribable feeling. But last year, my ten years records to break and my niece won.

Christmas tradition
Christmas tradition

So, this is my most favorite family Christmas tradition. You know, these traditions are made for making a family together and united. Because any celebration is a celebration when your family is together. So, if this Christmas, any of your family members or loved ones are far from you. Don’t forget to send flowers to Bangalore, wishes, cakes and lots of love. And yes, please let me know what’s your favorite family Christmas tradition.

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