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Food Influencers

Food is the start of everything. People base their health, fitness and even moods on the food choices they make. Good quality food does not do the trick alone. It has to have a combination of texture, colour and presentation so that the viewers are inclined to eat it and look forward to repeating its use too. We bring you’re here the list of top food influencers of 2020 who have revolutionized the way the world eats. Here you go!

  1. Laura Muthesius

Laura is the name behind Instagram Handle _foodstories_. A photographer accompanies her – Nora Eiserman and both are creating a riot in the internet space with their mind-blowing work in the food blog category. The speciality of this food influencer is that it shows the importance of interiors, ambience and colours in making the eating experience a delightful one. The vlogger posts regularly the restaurants visited, the parties attended and the foods prepared at home with a focus on making the presentation appealing to the audience.

  1. Eva Kosmas Flores

This food influencer dons the hats of a food stylist, photographer and a slow-food cook. Leisurely cooked food is always a welcome thing because it soaks the flavours nicely and improves the texture of dishes. Eva posts the blogs, pictures and videos keeping seasons in focus, and tells about the habits of the people that change with times and seasons. Through food blogging, Eva promotes and sells products like photography supplies. She also conducts the workshops and online food styling courses to help the cooks get ideas on how to make food appealing.

  1. Alanna Taylor-Tobin

Alanna is a gluten-free pastry chef who offers catering services for various events of different scales. Apart from all this, she pours her passion for food photography. As a result, what the audience gets to enjoy in her food blog is creatively presented foods and the catering services guide that can help the starters in their careers. The admirers of gluten-free sweets and dishes can satiate their sweet tooth by reaching to her recipe collection. They can also purchase her book ‘The Alternative Baker’ to use it as a guide to go gluten-free.

  1. Gordon Ramsay

The list of food influencers is simply incomplete without the mention of this celebrity chef.

He is known for not only his lip-smacking recipes but also his attitude and sensational statements. He rose to fame with winning Michelin stars for all the restaurants he runs in London. He is a regular with Instagram and has a deserving fan following of about 9.3 million followers here.

  1. Jamie Oliver

Jamie is another biggie in the food influencing space catering to the learning needs of the people who prefer organic, garden-fresh foods on their plates. He started as a pastry chef and then moved on to learning Italian cuisine. His focus is on minimalistic styling of food that brings clearer focus on the presentation of all the ingredients of the dish. With 8.2 million followers on Instagram, his social media presence is inspiring and is a testament that the world is moving fast towards the organic and minimalistic eating habits.

  1. Rena 

Rena is a resident of Metro Detroit, Michigan. She has founded that talks primarily about the family-friendly recipes. She promotes the use of healthy ingredients and unprocessed real foods through her recipe. By showing ways to eat healthy with no exception any time, she has garnered a whooping fan base of 3.4 million followers on Instagram.

  1. Michaela Vais

As spicy and flavorful her dishes are, so are her statements! She is a popular personality on social media and is a food influencer with a focus on eating healthy and right. Her priority is promoting the vegan food among the organic food lovers, and she does it remarkably through printable recipes, food photos and other consumables. After tasting the success with her food photographs that she posted only out of curiosity, she has merged her cooking and food photography hobbies and minting money from this taste-filled combination.

  1. Dennis Prescott

Though known more for running a Netflix show as a host, the achievements of Dennis Prescott as food influencer are no less in any manner. He wanted to pursue music professionally, but landed into food photography and blogging and hit the right chords of the audience in this field. He is a world traveller and curates recipes from all over the world, which makes his collection of recipes and posts all the more absorbing.

  1. Ida Skivenes

Ida Skivenes is from Oslo. Her work primarily comprises of food art and wins her sizeable fan following on the internet. She does crazy things like making animal shapes out of pancakes or turns vegetables into some other creature. Her photographs are quite interesting and are a source of inspiration for food presentation lovers.

So, search for these names over the web if you want some food influencers to follow. Their work is brilliant, at least to speak.

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