Compelling Custom Apparel Packaging for Promoting Seasonal Sales


Shoppers for apparel items love seasonal sales and discounts. While you are using website, social media and other conventional ways of telling the customers about the limited time offers, why not use packaging for more impact? Boxes and bags for retail printed with up to 50% off and similar messages would pique the interest of wider target audience. If you are offering the cut off price for skirts, shirts, dresses and apparel accessories both in stores and online, market it through the packaging. The boxes can also be utilized for making the new collections with likable discount worth checking out for the buyers.

Gripping apparel packaging enlightening the potential buyers about not to miss offers would sway them into exploring the sale. You can use the boxes for making your brand noteworthy especially for new shoppers. Mention the kind of clothing range you have and what makes it distinctive and better from the others. Packaging can be sagaciously utilized for building desired perception of your apparel store. Enthralling boxes are likely to entrance the onlookers. You ought to have a skilled printing partner for getting the packaging customized creatively. Don’t trust any random vendor or the one that is lesser known in the market.

The boxes have to be engrossing in design and finest in finishing if you want to make your mark as a credible clothing brand.

We have a few tips on using packaging for making your seasonal sales worth noticing, take a look!

Use a Relevant Box Artwork

The design of packaging should say it out loud that the most awaited seasonal sale is live. Tell the graphics team about the percentages of discounts you are offering on different items. Get   artwork variations made with different messages about the casual, formal and kids wear deals. Use bright color themes and bigger font sizes so that the boxes and bags can be noticed even from the distance.

Handy Clothing Packaging Boxes

User friendly packaging would not only make the storing of the clothing items easier for the consumers but it will also bring them back to you. When getting the boxes printed, you should choose the stock meticulously after comparing the material options. Packaging printed with cardboard lasts long and provides protection to different kinds of fabric. If you want the boxes to be Eco-friendly, Kraft paper is a laudable recyclable stock. Packaging style should be customer oriented as well; it shouldn’t make the handling and storage a hassle.

Ask for Captivating Packaging Creations

A unique and wonderful box design would make your apparel’s store and items segregating from the rest. Make sure to discuss some creative ideas and suggestions with the graphics team and tell them to provide you one or more variations. The graphic design you choose should be lively for your brand and needs to have your branding essentials. Most of the buyers recognize a product or business through the source or way it is being presented to them. A fashionable packaging design would give them a concept that your clothing range is surely for fashion enthusiasts.

Packaging with Incentivizing Content

The boxes for apparel displaying your sales offers should make them more exciting for the buyers. You can use the custom apparel packaging for adding more fun to the shopping. For instance, you can mention the free gift hampers that customers can win by exceeding a specific purchase amount. The boxes for party wear and expensive items can have a freebie. You can have celeb signed and fashion themed packaging for the exclusive offers.

Get your apparel boxes printed by Packaging Republic with trendy styles and customization’s. Request your price quote by filling in the website form or talk to a sales representative. Insert your product catalog within the boxes and bags with reduced prices so that consumers feel intrigued into buying more. Packaging can have die-cut window, you can play with finishing options that can make the text and artwork pop around the window. Ask the printer for samples or if you like a layout online, share it for inspiration.

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