5 Wines to Enjoy With Your Favorite Shows

5 Wines to Enjoy

5 Wines To Enjoy With Your Favorite Shows

Whether you’re enjoying Hulu, Netflix, or HBO GO, there’s no doubt that you’ll have to put in some hours of binge-watching. And what better way to keep your strength up than enjoying exquisite wines?

Wines come alive when you pair them up with your favorite shows. Here are the top five wines that you should try out.

1.   Sparkling Wine

Wine sets the tone for a wonderful evening rather than going out on a Friday or Saturday night. Sparkling wine goes down well when you’re in the mood for the best that TV comedy has to offer.

Although it goes all ways, laughter makes the bubbles in sparkling wine even more refreshing when it reaches your nose. After a long and stressful week, sparkling wine helps you relax by setting the mood for general lightheartedness.

Wine lovers embrace it for the unique and refreshing effects it has on moods and the general atmosphere. You could settle for the option of pairing it up with some buttered popcorn.

Sparkling wine is advantageous because it comes in a wide array of flavors and prices. It suits all kinds of budgets and is easy to handle and store. Another common pairing that’s perfectly suited for sparkling wine is cheese and bread of your choice.

2.   Rose` Wine

Roses always set the tone for a subtle romantic adventure any day. On the same note, Rose wine has proved to be perfect for the romance genre. Though most avid wine drinkers tend to confuse it with red wine, Rose` wine is unique in its particular way.

The one thing that makes them similar is that Rose` wine comes from grapes used in making red wine. The difference lies in the fact that Rose` wine has a lighter hue than red wine.

This hue comes about as a result of less fermenting time allocated to the grape skins. You’ll grow to love Rose` wine because it contains different wine grapes.

Indulge in a couple of flavors such as melon, kiwi, and strawberries that are all set to have you enjoy your choice of soap operas. The pink color itself gives you many options to either have it in the evening or sometime in the afternoon.

5 Wines to Enjoy

3.   A Crisp Sauvignon Blanc

This wine originates from France, and the name comes from two French words, ‘sauvignon’ meaning ‘wild’ and ‘Blanc’ meaning white. A crisp Sauvignon Blanc is to be paired with horror shows that send chills down your spine.

You should serve it while in its crisp state since the horror genre characters are usually so cold and unfriendly. Its casual term, ‘Sauvy B’ suggests that it’s been around for the longest time.

This will be best for a night of well-orchestrated thrill, horror, and suspense. The Sauvignon Blanc is always full of surprises as it’s a pleasant mixture of different choice flavors that you will find incredibly compelling.

You may also notice a change in textures every time you shop for the Sauvignon Blanc. There is always something new to look forward to that ultimately gets rid of mediocrity.

Due to its high alcohol content, you may want to take it easy on the wine to avoid getting drunk and miss out on all the horror and fright. A sip at a time is the way to go since it will take you through every scene of terror.

4.   Chardonnay

Chardonnay is a versatile type of wine that all wine lovers are enthusiastic about. It’s the most popular white wine in the world due to its unique roots. It’s made from grapes with green skin that’s suited to adapt to different conditions. Storage shouldn’t be much of a problem when you follow the manufacturer’s rules.

Most enthusiastic wine lovers prefer Chardonnay wine because it’s blended to suit everyone’s tastes for wine. When it comes to entertaining yourself as you sip on some Chardonnay wine, reality TV is the best.

There are plenty of reality TV shows that you can pick based on your moods. Chardonnay is the best pick for reality because they both have something in common.

You can shop around for the flavors that will work for you while roaming the internet for your favorite reality TV shows. Chardonnay goes brilliantly with a wide array of snacks such as popcorn, grilled cheese sandwich, and potato chips.

If you’re in the mood for a light dinner as you watch reality TV, mac and cheese will pair exceptionally well with Chardonnay.

5 Wines to Enjoy

5.   Pinot Noir

Pour yourself a refreshing glass of Pinot Noir if you’re in the mood for some action. Pinot Noir is a special kind of wine mostly made from unique grapes such as Moscato, Timorasso, a rare white grape.

It holds several flavors that you may deem enticing and captivating. There isn’t a wine choice more perfect for blockbusters and action than Pinot Noir. You’ll savor its taste on your tongue mostly because it’s over 1000 years older than its counterpart, Cabernet Sauvignon.

Aside from the UK and US, Germany is also a leading producer of Pinot Noir wine.5 Wines to Enjoy


 Final Thoughts

Wine is refreshing, especially when you have a reason to pop the bottle open. Have a list of your favorite TV shows complete with their wine preferences, and you’re set for an excellent binge-watching experience.

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