4 Unique ideas to Propose your Girlfriend BAE

Having someone special in life is all about love, date, and of course, the gifts, right? The preparation, gifts, and surprises do take a lot of effort, and all of these for that priceless smile on your sweetheart’s face, right? Make sure that everything goes infallibly perfect? But, if you are planning to propose your girlfriend, then just giving her online flower delivery in Mumbai would not be the right way to take such a big step. 

Taking your relationship to the next level is undoubtedly a significant step in any person’s life. 

No matter how long you have been with your partner, asking them for marriage, will still give you chills down your spine, right? I am not trying to scare you or lower down your morale, but one wrong move could turn things against you, and you don’t want that to happen, right?

Here are some ideas to propose your bae, which would definitely bring things in your favor. So, let’s jump into some of these, and you decide which idea you will find apt for your sweetheart. 

Kneel Down In Front Of Your BAE With These 4 Unique Ideas

#1 Bake a Cake With Secret Ingredients:

No, the secret ingredient here is anything else, but it is a wedding ring I am talking about. Yes, you heard me right. Bake a cake of your sweetheart’s favorite flavor. She already would be overwhelmed enough to receive the cake, imagine when she will find the ring in the cake!

Yes, I can already listen to her exciting screams.

Honestly, this is the most delicious yet heart-touching proposal you can ever plan for her. Also, if your girl is a big-time cake lover, then, believe me, it is a yes already. Try this one out, and yes, thank me later. 

#2 Recreate Any Special Moment:

There must have been some unforgettable moments that you might have shared with your sweetheart. Some of them must be very close to both of you, for example, your first date!

Arrange for the reservation or the same restaurant and the same seat as well. Recreate everything as you did on your first date, and then before winding up your date, get down on your knee and pop the question to the lady. 

#3 Let Her Discover The Ring Somewhere Unexpected!

If you are not that romantic type of person, then, trying those conventional methods may prove out to be discomforting you. Then, the simple way out to your problem would be hiding the ring somewhere your girl would not be able to get her hands easily.

This way, it will be a fun game as well as you would not have to go through the awkwardness.

You can hide the ring in your car’s dashboard, or you can fix it to the neck of the first beer you will be sharing with your valentine, with a note saying, “Will You Marry Me?.”

#4 Jigsaw Puzzle:

A romantic way of proposing is cool, and everything but things tends to get more exciting and spicy when you add some fun element to the moment, right?

Give a puzzle to your Valentine wrapped like a gift. As soon as she opens it, she will start solving the puzzle. On completing the puzzle, you already are asking the question out loud.

So, there are many ways of proposing your loved one to be your life partner. However, picking up the right one is what you must strive for. I know how well you have been close to your partner, but there is always this fear of losing her, right?

Don’t stand any risk with these pro ideas of proposing to her. Send flower bouquet online to her online and bring a smile to their lips. Keep your sweetheart forever!

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