The Five Important Steps Every Phoenix Car Accident Victim Should Follow

Steps Every Phoenix Car Accident Victim

Car accidents are uncertain incidents in life that can leave you traumatized for a long time. After encountering horrific accidents, it becomes impossible to stay calm and follow the necessary steps, but as time passes, it becomes more challenging for you to cope with the losses and expenses. From getting into legal trouble to passing the deadlines for filing a lawsuit, many things can happen if you do not follow the right steps after encountering an accident.

Phoenix is one of the most progressive cities in the United States; it is recognized for its technology, infrastructure, ever-rising economy, exceptional work and education facilities, and a high-standard lifestyle. This is one reason why Phoenix is also among the most popular destinations in the country to settle or invest in real estate.

With the city’s population rising every year, Phoenix is also witnessing a growth in the number of road accidents, particularly car accidents. This is really worrying; however, if you ever encounter such accidents, you must get legal help from car accident lawyers to file a lawsuit and claim the deserving compensation.

5 Important Steps That You Should Immediately Follow After Encountering a Car Accident in Phoenix

It is obvious that, after encountering car accidents, it becomes almost impossible to take the necessary action. The trauma takes time to settle in and bring you back to your senses. But, as soon as you can function, you must follow these steps to avoid false accusations and legal troubles or lose your chance of winning the deserved compensation.

Call An Emergency Service

After encountering a horrific accident, you must first call an emergency service. Emergency services like 911 can save your precious life, if the accident occurs in a location with no population or where you can least expect help,. Therefore, it is wise to keep emergency service numbers on speed dial.

Gather Evidence

The best way to avoid false accusations, and the many legal troubles associated with them is to start gathering evidence. From the time and spot of the accident to your speed record, a picture of the accident spot, pictures of damages, and the pictures of the other driver and car involved in the accident (if any), any photograph will be vital when you need evidence to prove your innocence in the accident.

Look For Witnesses

If you are lucky enough to survive the accident and can function, you must look for witnesses. There is a high chance you may have eyewitnesses, and the statement of witnesses holds a lot of importance in lawsuits.

Notify Your Insurer

Another wise step to take after encountering a car accident is notifying your car insurance company about the accident. Contacting the insurance company right from the accident’s spot is not mandatory, but the sooner it is done, the easier the claiming process becomes.

You must share only a list of necessary details and be careful about what you say because there are chances the insurance company can file against your incident and try every way of shifting the blame on you. No insurance company readily agrees to pay the compensation requested; you must fight a tough battle with the support of an experienced attorney to win.

Contact an Experienced Attorney Before Spreading Any Information

You must contact a car accident attorney as soon as possible before spreading any important information about the accident. Your words can be taken for granted by defendants and police authorities, hence, do not speak before you have an attorney to lead your case. This can save you from a lot of false charges.


Arizona is home to some of the best car accident attorney firms, but not all are trustworthy. You can seek referrals and hire an experienced car accident attorney in Phoenix who can guide you throughout the lawsuit and help obtain the highest amount possible for the physical damage and financial loss caused by the accident.

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