Useful Tips for Effective Records Management at Law Firms

An attorney handles 20-30 cases on an average. If these cases are wholly managed by attorneys, or with support of assistants, looking for secured, organized, and accurate ways is essential. Above all, the efficient management of cases impacts results, while influencing the capability to attract and gain new customers.

Records Management at Law Firms

The following are useful tips to help lawyers become organized and professional in providing the best services to clients.

1. Organize your files

organize-record-filesWhen you have a potential client or a new case, it is best to organize files electronically or physically at the beginning. To make things easier, we consider using a feedback form during the first meeting to gather and use the necessary details to create files.

Organizing the files from the beginning will allow you to instantly see what is lacking or what needs to be updated. This saves you time and money for your client in legal advice and preparation, if the case finally goes to trial.

In fact, a standard procedure means that reports are still filed in the same manner, making it easy for any officer to find records while searching.

2. Have a customizable checklist

When working on a case, you need to carry out several routine activities, often including a lengthy list of things to do. It is not easy to remember them all, mainly if you work on several cases simultaneously.

Create a checklist for every case and make sure you don’t miss anything. The list should contain both the procedures and the development of the case process. The list will always help you know where you are and what you need to do in this manner.

You can create and modify a checklist of all everyday administrative tasks for each particular case. Through a list, you can track the file status and figure out when and what needs to be done.

3. Prioritize your tasks by file 

When you have a long list of duties, and a variety of related cases to deal with, prioritizing tasks depending on their relevance and priority is crucial to ensure that you are mindful of the right case at the right time.

Many activities are linked, and teamwork is essential. For example, for a case going to trial, an assistant needs to gather evidence from witness reports on a specific date and pass it on to the lawyer on another date.

By considering how these tasks are related, you can ensure that they are completed on time. Prioritizing tasks assist in keeping track of important dates and meet all deadlines.

4. Assign and schedule tasks

Tasks should be delegated with deadlines, so to make sure that nothing is overlooked. It is also important to monitor these deadlines at every stage. If a lawyer’s assistant is to undertake a task, it must be planned and assigned to the assisting person (to do it) and to the lawyer (to check it out) (one action after another).

By delegating, arranging, and keeping track of the time it takes to do them, you can maximize productivity and forecast time for potential cases.

5. Track tasks 

task-trackingWorking on a case contains a sequence of incidents that includes consecutive reviews and actions.

After completing a job, a follow-up system (emails, calls) is needed to ensure everything is well tied.

This means it is necessary to fasten the communication process and ensure that the procedures used are effective, requiring standardizing communication flows during case management.

For example, submitting an email asking a person to complete a job by date might help you keep things going by writing it down as a note in your calendar.

Furthermore, resources are important for saving the details gathered in face-to-face meetings automatically.

6. Use templates for routine correspondence 

Wherever you work at the same time, there are many routine tasks common to them all. For example, it should be automatic to enter contact information as, in all cases, it is a routine task.

Whether you write to customers, communicate dates, or send us instructions on how to submit a request, save it as a template when it is first made so that you can reuse it when necessary. You can customize email and presentation layouts, later on, saving money to spend on value-added tasks.

7. Create a process for sharing documents securely 

When working on a lawsuit, you have to consult with other parties in order to seek their views, receive consent, and handle confidential details. You have to provide protocols to safely exchange records with other parties (customers, third parties, other law firms).

Such systems will also allow you to monitor the feedback and permissions and also gather digital signatures in real-time to save negotiating time.

8. Opt for Cloud 

cloud-based record management

Using cloud-based management software allows you to have all the information about your cases at hand, even when you are out of the office.

For example, when a case goes to trial, there are many things at stake. It is necessary to have access to information such as previous memos, trial evidence lists, or witness contact information anytime, anywhere, either from a laptop or from a mobile phone. When your records are in the cloud, you can be a better lawyer.

 9. Conduct subsequent interviews 

After completing the case, carrying out interviews not only helps you measure the degree of customer satisfaction but also throws light on those areas in which you or the firm must improve.

You may be surprised when you hear the opinion of a customer that you thought was satisfied. By collecting customer input, you can also learn to communicate your expectations better. These ratings improve productivity and consumer loyalty while fostering current customer engagement.

Your case management directly affects the outcomes and can also impact the law firm’s customer list, competitiveness, and longevity. Therefore, it is vital to enhance law firm management by following time and expense-saving strategies in order to build a profitable, competitive law firm.


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